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How to make the most of your time at home: Learn English from your couch

How to make the most of your time at home: Learn English from your couch

Living in the digital age has its perks – especially when it comes to language learning (and dog videos): gone are the days when you had to lug around a heavy book filled with English grammar and trudge to the library. Now you can learn English and prepare yourself for your global future without leaving your couch – and it doesn’t involve textbooks or exams.

We’ve put together a list of entertaining and relatively effortless ways you can sharpen your English skills from the comfort of your living room:

Listen to free podcasts to boost your language skills at home

What could be better than lying on the couch with a pair of headphones and listening to your favourite podcasts? It’s up to you to choose the topic and listen to it in the original language. Here are some fantastic free language learning podcasts to help you boost your skills – here’s a list of our top five podcasts in English.

Learn at home with Netflix

Netflix is the perfect place to work on your English skills in the most laid back way possible. Here’s our pick of the best shows to learn English with. Seen them already? Here are ten more!

Read books in their original language

Everyone may be on their smartphones all day every day nowadays, but there’s something uniquely charming about sitting down to read an actual book. There’s also something particularly effective about it for those of you keen on improving your English skills. This is the right time to dust off those English literature classics. Reading a book in its original language will allow you to see it with brand new eyes – and give you a great vocabulary boost! Here are our top 10 best books to learn English with.

Sharpen your skills with songs

People always say that singing along to songs can help you learn English – but what if the people who wrote the lyrics weren’t quite sure about all of the language rules and quirks themselves? Your music library can be a battlefield full of word crimes and grammar felonies, which is actually good news: We’ve collected some of the worst examples to make for the best exercises to help you improve your English thanks to bad lyrics.

Learn new words each day

Along with pronunciation and grammar, one of the biggest challenges for English language learners is vocabulary. Try to enrich your vocabulary by learning new words every day – and why not get started with one of our handy lists. Discover the most beautiful words in English, the ones that people confuse the most or practice pronunciation with some English tongue twisters at home with your family or friends.

After more structured lessons? Whether you’re looking to refine your English skills to boost your career or pass an exam, you can find live classes and interactive lessons to suit your goals online on EF English Live. Choose from group or private classes taught by qualified teachers and study at your own pace – without having to leave your couch!

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