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Our favorite films for graduation season

High school is full of incredible opportunities and experiences, but it's always quite a bit of hard... Read more

4 enriching cultural activities in Southern California

Southern California is home to so many favorites, for tourists and locals alike. From Disneyland to ... Read more

Meet the team: Neil Abbott, EF Academy Torbay

  Today, we're interviewing another member of our amazing EF Academy staff. Pathway Manager ... Read more

Study Abroad

3 benefits of studying outside of your native country

As an increasing number of students are choosing to take their studies abroad, we’re learning more a... Read more

How school environments inspire learning and creative thought

Setting the scene at EF Academy Torbay. Not only do EF Academy students get to live in a new coun... Read more

How to study abroad during high school

So, you’ve realized that you might want to study abroad. You’ve seen all the TV shows and films. You... Read more

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What is an alumni network and how can I benefit from one?

They may not know it but anyone who has ever studied anywhere is an alum. You don’t even have to hav... Read more

5 simple study habits for exam success

Exams are a necessary part of every academic journey. And while they’re something most students feel... Read more

How to hone your entrepreneurial skills in high school

If you’re already thinking about the wider world beyond high school, that’s great! There’s no better... Read more

4 tips that take the stress out of exam season

We all know how stressful exam season can be. We have so much to think about and do that we often ma... Read more

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Boarding Life

Why athletics are a vital part of the high school experience

There are numerous baby pictures of me holding all kinds of sports balls; it seems I learned from a ... Read more

Benefits of international school: at home and abroad

Attending an international school is an enriching experience for students of all ages. It can be par... Read more

Getting over the homesickness hurdle

Anyone who has spent an extended period of time away from home has felt it – that ache for the comfo... Read more

Benefits of a round-the-clock learning experience

Attending boarding school – living on campus and being part of a diverse community – intrinsically m... Read more

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Language and Culture

Top 5 eats in Southern California from a local

If you’re privileged enough to travel, you should always make the time to try all of the incredible ... Read more

California culture: Health and fitness

It’s well known that the Golden Coast is busy with one of the world’s fastest-growing industries – h... Read more

The value of differing perspectives in the classroom

In the age of social media and tailored news networks, it’s quite easy to create a world that consta... Read more

Unique Easter traditions around the world

Easter is widely celebrated throughout the world. It’s a holiday that many use to symbolize the end ... Read more

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How studying abroad in high school gives your student a head start

Living in another country is an eye-opening experience. When moving to a new place, there are infini... Read more

Five parent-approved tips on how to manage your child’s homesickness

At any age, moving across the country (or across the world) is both a hectic and exciting experience... Read more

5 reasons to send your child to study high school in the US or the UK

Everyone wants the best for their child, but when the best education is abroad, that can result in a... Read more

How students benefit from positive adult influence

Moving to a boarding school - one that is often halfway around the world - is a big change for stude... Read more

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