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What is an alumni network and how can I benefit from one?

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5 simple study habits for exam success

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4 tips that take the stress out of exam season

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The value of differing perspectives in the classroom

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Favorite clubs on campus: Model UN in Oxford

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Getting over the homesickness hurdle

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The importance of experiential education

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What really matters during the university admissions process?

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Review of Francesca Beard’s workshop

Recently, instead of normal English lessons, poet Francesca Beard came and taught us to write poems.... Read more

Lab course in Liverpool

In the midterm break, I went to Liverpool for a five-day lab course run by a company called BioGrad.... Read more

Appreciating creativity and artistic expression at the IB Art Exhibition

The art programs at EF Academy New York are a place where individuals can cultivate their creative i... Read more

Students visit MIT “Hack for Inclusion” conference

The “Hack for Inclusion” conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an annual hackat... Read more