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Benefits of a round-the-clock learning experience

Attending boarding school – living on campus and being part of a diverse community – intrinsically m... Read more

10 tips on how to be a good roommate

When it comes to boarding school, there is a lot to consider. You live abroad, you stay on campus mo... Read more

Famous people who went to boarding school

Boarding school is a world of its own. These schools have built an unmatched reputation in helping s... Read more

A new age for boarding schools

For many students, the concept of ‘boarding school’ is a threat. It’s where disobedient children are... Read more

2019’s resolutions from our EF Academy staff

A new year is upon us again and as some of us are shaking off the winter blues or snuggling up with ... Read more

Torbay’s 2018-19 first term review

What a term it has been. We have had so much going on from day one it’s hard to know where to start ... Read more

10 tips for studying in Torbay

Living and studying in Torbay can be really wonderful! Since you’re only going to be studying ... Read more

Six winter break student stories

This is a re-post from Winter Break 2017 So it’s finally the end of an amazing year and EF Academy O... Read more

10 tips for studying in Oxford

The experience at EF Academy is not only about studying. And it doesn’t need to be. Studying e... Read more

18 things to be thankful for in high school

Our crazy and tumultuous lives often cast a shadow over the simpler virtues in life. It’s so easy to... Read more

7 ways to make the most of your school breaks

School can be tough and take over a lot of our time for other activities and interests. Sure, this i... Read more

A guide to graduating with grace

Graduating might be the most overwhelming event of your life that you’ve experienced yet. And ... Read more