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A day in the life of a boarding school student at EF Academy

A day in the life of a boarding school student at EF Academy

Are you curious about what a day actually looks like at an international boarding school? Follow Grade 11 student Eseoghene as she takes you through a typical day in the life on campus at EF Academy in Pasadena!

I wake up by 6am every morning, because I sleep by 9pm. Sleeping early and waking up early keeps me energized for my morning classes. After I wake up, I listen to a podcast for an hour or I’ll do my incomplete homework that I procrastinate about.

Dorm room

When it’s 7am, I go to have my bath and then brush and it’s always so silent in the hallways because nobody wakes up till 7:30. I love the tranquil environment early in the morning. I finish having my bath by 7:20, then I go back to my room to get dressed. By 7:50, I’m done dressing and preparing for school. Then I relax in my bed till 8:15 which is breakfast time.

Day in the life breakfast

Once it’s 8:15, I start going for breakfast. I get pancakes and watermelon for breakfast most times and then sit on a table with my friends.

cafeteria day in the life pasadena

Then when it’s 8:50, I start to go for my first class which starts by 9am. I finish my first class by 10:15 then go to my Advisory.

Advisory is always my favorite part of the day, because it’s relaxing and my advisory teacher is nice and she listens to us and helps us to provide solutions when we are struggling with something. Advisory increases student relationships and I personally enjoy it.

Day in the life students

After the advisory, I got my second class of the day. When my second class is over, I go to have lunch by 12:05-12:50, i think the lunch time is really long to socialize with my friends and really enjoy the food. Once it’s 12:45, I head to my next class, and by 2:10, I finish my class and go to the 4th and last class of the day which is Global leadership.

Student in class on a normal day

I’m in Global Citizens and I enjoy doing it, because it fosters closer student relationships and helps us to be future Global leaders, here we work on projects that deal with a sustainable development goal. After Global leadership ends by 3:25, I go to my club at 3:30, I’m in Fashion Club and Model UN, when club finishes by 4:30, I am finally done with how my school day goes.