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EF Academy grads meet up in New York City for an alumni reunion

EF Academy grads meet up in New York City for an alumni reunion

The Big Apple was the site of EF Academy’s first annual alumni reunion, which took place on April 9th and brought together students from Korea, Germany and Colombia for a weekend of nostalgia and networking in New York City.

The group of alumni met for brunch on Saturday morning before heading to EF Academy New York’s Thornwood campus where they were warmly welcomed by Oscar Jimenez, Chairman of the school’s World Languages Department, and Ginny Borton, the school’s Chair of the Arts Department. After a tour of the campus, the group took part in a workshop about kick-starting their careers which was moderated by EF Academy’s Online Marketing Manager, Martinique Jobin.

“The scent of memories was still there and it was wonderful to come and smell it again,” said South Korea’s HeeTak Jung, Class of 2012.

Following a tour of Tarrytown, the evening ended with delicious dinner and, in typical NYC tradition, a show. The group attended the Broadway musical “Chicago.”

The alumni reunion in New York was the perfect opportunity for EF Academy graduates to get together to connect, share what they had experienced since their graduation from high school and interact with one another, strengthening their international network of contacts.

As they looked back on their time as high school students at EF Academy, Colombia’s Michelle Garzon, Class of 2014, said: “EF Academy taught me thousands of things but the most important lesson I learned was how to be alive. I know it sounds cliché, but when I think about my time studying there I don’t remember having any bad times; the only times that I cried were when I had to say goodbye to the people who I lived with and the people who taught me new things, the people who made each day beautiful and full of surprises, and the people who I chose to call ‘my family.’”