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The OXFAM group’s Halloween party

The OXFAM group’s Halloween party

Last Friday, the OXFAM Group decided to organize a Halloween Party for their fellow students in order to support the charity; a brilliant money-making scheme which also involved having a lot of fun, as proclaimed in their mission statement:

‘We (OXFAM) are organizing a Halloween party on the 23rd of October. This is to celebrate Halloween and also to raise a sense of school spirit. However our real goal is to raise money for the refugees that are suffering from the Syrian Crisis.

This is a benefit for all different aspects of the school, for EF OXFAM and for the EF Academy students. It will be beneficial to the school because it shows how much school spirit EF Academy students have and will also raise student satisfaction. By organizing this party the members of EF OXFAM will gain a sense of responsibility and will understand how to organize and set up events as well as think critically to solve conflicts. For first years especially, this will help them to understand how to set up big activities, so later on in the year they can reflect on what they did and will be able to organize similar activities in the future.’

The past few weeks therefore saw much secretive planning by the OXFAM Team until the day itself came and all their hard work was revealed when the doors to the lecture hall,  which had been decorated so as to turn it into a creepy disco floor, were opened to the crowd which had formed outside.

On entering the students were greeted by their hosts in fancy dress selling cakes they had made for £1 along with pizza and sweets. You could also have your face painted or a very realistic wound created on your arm by some highly skilled student make-up artists.
Trick or Treat games included, as advertised:

Pumpkins dart- Throwing darts at pumpkins
Throw into the:
Nose – double money back
Eyes – money back
Mouths – half the money back
(If somebody throws into the nose, they can choose to stop and get double money or try another shot. If they throw in the nose again, they can get 4 times their money back. If not, they lose.)
Limit: Up to £5 maximum

2. Trick or treat–Lottery (100 Tickets)
You buy a ticket, the prize can be 50% trick, 50% treat
whipped cream on the face 30%
Little punishment 10%
Nothing 28%
food (sweets) 20%
free dart shots (3 shots) 10%
Special make up 1%
Surprise (5 pounds iTunes) 1%
Price: 1  ,1 ticket- 50p, 3 tickets-£1, 5 tickets-£2

The evening ended with the dance floor full and £127.95 raised, ready to be sent to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Well done to all the students involved for organising a really successful party!