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18 things to be thankful for in high school

18 things to be thankful for in high school

Our crazy and tumultuous lives often cast a shadow over the simpler virtues in life. It’s so easy to take things for granted but, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have a chance to reflect on everything we should be grateful for. Given that as teenagers our lives revolve around our school, friends, study – here are 18 things to be thankful for in high school.

Friends – For adding color and fun to our days

Clubs – The intersection of our hobbies and academia

Sports – The igniting of team-spirit and time spent playing with friends

Community – The opportunity to become a part of something bigger than ourselves

Trips – The joy of traveling with our peers and exploring new places

Teachers – The ones who inspire and add value to our lives

Freedom – The ability to shape ourselves in any way we wish and to create a better future for ourselves

Experiences – The life-enhancing experiences we’re given throughout our high school career

Diversity – The experience of studying and living with people who come from all walks of life

Collaboration – The ability to work alongside our peers and create something new and innovative

Weekends – The days we live for more than anything

Privilege – The access we have to a good quality education

Gym – The facilities for workouts and weightlifting that make us more active and healthy

Hostel – The extended family we live and spend our time with

Vending Machines – The life-saving snacks to make up for the breakfast we probably missed!

Library – The go-to place to study or to hang out with friends

Snow Days – The thing we most look forward to during the winter (other than Christmas!)

Preparedness – The work-life balance that has prepared us for the future

Global Citizenship – The journey of becoming global citizens who will bring about positive change in the world



At EF Academy we’re thankful to be one of the most international boarding schools in the world. Our students represent more than 75 different countries making our community a network that spans the globe.