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How you can prepare your child for university in the US

How you can prepare your child for university in the US

The American dream is the age-old idea that opportunity abounds in the United States: that anyone can become anything if they dream big and work hard. The US is a unique place whose culture is defined by the pillars of democracy, determination, equality, and independence. A high school education in the US will instill these important values in your student while also exposing them to a new way of life.

For students who are interested in attending university in the US, high school at a US institution will set them apart from their international counterparts. Prepare your child for university by exposing them to people, places, and opportunities that only a US global high school can provide.

Do you want to connect your child to an extensive global network?

Often characterized as a cultural “melting pot,” the United States is comprised of just about every language, culture, and nationality imaginable. Immersion in a global student body where differences are appreciated will give your child the opportunity to broaden their perspectives while allowing them to build the foundations of a lifelong international network of friends. Being part of an international community will give them an ethical and inclusive worldview that many other students don’t develop until later in life, which will set them apart on their university applications.

Do you want to immerse your child in a different kind of international education?

The unique style of US high schools is tailored particularly for university readiness. In an environment where hands-on learning is prioritized, students have opportunities for educational experiences that transcend the four walls of the classroom. This kind of experiential learning fosters characteristics like curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity – all of which are fundamental to a successful university experience. Learning with a diverse group of faculty alongside an international cohort of students in an environment that encourages exploration is one of the best ways you can prepare your student for their education at a university in the US and worldwide.

Do you want to enrich your child’s creative pursuits?

Is your child an artist, musician, or aspiring creator? From music to film, visual art to theater, artistic production in the United States is arguably the most well-known in the world. If your child is passionate about art in any form, they will love the opportunities offered by the creative scenes in places like New York and Los Angeles. With exhibitions, festivals, and concerts there is no end to the kind of artistic endeavors your student can explore in the United States.

Studying in close proximity to many phenomenal art programs and institutions (like Columbia, Parsons School of Design, Juilliard, or UCLA) allows your student to take summer courses or attend workshops that will help them hone their craft. At EF Academy, our academic and co-curricular options for artistic exploration allow students to pursue a variety of creative outlets under the tutelage of highly-qualified artists, musicians, and actors.

Is your child an idea-focused innovator?

The United States is also a remarkable place for innovation and entrepreneurship. Home to innumerable start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, the United States fosters a culture where curiosity and unconventional solutions are cornerstones of progress. If your child likes to dream big and think outside of the box, an education at a US high school will provide them with the flexible environment they need. By giving your child an education at a place like EF Academy, you open doors for their future success by granting them access to specialized programs and conferences on subjects like coding, problem-solving and entrepreneurship. A US high school education makes it possible for your child’s big ideas to become realities.

Are you ready to give your child the gift of the American dream?

The United States is a place where opportunities abound and there is no limit to what one can make, achieve, or become. Studying high school in the United States is an unforgettable way for your child to be immersed in US culture and live their own American dream. The unique educational style and opportunities offered by a US high school will give your child skills and experiences that make them stand out from the crowd. A well-rounded education at a school like EF Academy, which provides tailored university guidance to each student, will help your child to reach their full potential as a student and an individual.

Give your child the educational experience of a lifetime – one where they can forge their own path, work hard and embrace the pursuit of happiness.