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Why learn English in Australia

Why learn English in Australia

Australia. Even its name evokes wanderlust. Almost everyone knows someone who’s traveled to or studied in Australia, and is only too ready to give their experience a 10/10. Sure, it’s a little far away – but Australia makes up for its geographical isolation in lots of ways and is a picture-perfect place to learn English.

Here are just a few reasons why you should learn English in Australia:

Year-round warmth

We’re looking at you, Northern Hemisphere dwellers. Australia is not known for chilly weather. In fact, your backpack will be on the lighter side when heading to Australia: shorts, shirts, dresses, sneakers, sandals, a swimsuit, and of course a good sunhat, will be your base wardrobe. Going in winter? Throw in a light cardigan, denim or leather jacket, and pair of jeans. That’s about it, folks!

Cool cities

Future learners are spoiled for choice by Australia’s major cities. Between Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne there are beautiful beaches, fantastic food, pretty parks, cool culture, incredible events and cooler-than-cool urban culture all around. Farther afield, Adelaide and Hobart are also well worth visiting, especially if you like arts festivals, wine, history, and delicious artisanal everything.

Multicultural influences

Modern Australia has been heavily influenced by immigration – and its food, culture, and neighborhoods certainly show it. Melbourne is particularly known for its cultural mix and has the restaurant scene to match. Meanwhile, excellent coffee is served everywhere, thanks to the wave of Italian immigration in the early 20th Century (grazie mille indeed!).

Road trip heaven

Major cities aside, Australia is an incredible place to explore. World-class stretches of beaches, rainforests, bushland, islands, wetlands, wine country, and the red desert crowned by Uluru are just some of the landscapes you’ll pass through. A popular way for travelers to see Australia is to buy a second-hand camper van between friends to road trip around the country, before selling it at the end of the journey. The quintessential taste of freedom!

Gateway to Southeast Asia

Speaking of travel, Southeast Asia is just a stone’s throw away: Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are all popular destinations among students and Aussies themselves, and surprisingly close when you’re in the neighborhood.

The Aussie accent

Although acquiring an Aussie accent may not be on you agenda, it’s a charming and fun accent to hear in your daily life, and learning how to use some key Aussie expressions will likely be a highlight of your stay Down Under.

Stay on to work…

Need to work as you study? Australian student visas allow you to work up to 20 hours a week (more than in many other English-speaking countries) and enjoy Australia’s comparatively high minimum wage in hospitality and retail. If you want to stay longer, the Work and Holiday program partners with several other countries, giving young people the chance to stay on and gain valuable work experience.

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