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Why learn English – 7 reasons to start investing in your skills
min read min

We see you over there, wondering if studying English is a good use of your time. You already speak o...

How to get rid of a foreign accent in English: 5 easy steps
min read min

How many times have people been able to guess where you’re from just by listening to your accent whe...

10 reasons why New Zealand is the new hot spot to study
min read min

When planning to study abroad in the Southern Hemisphere, many students have their hearts set on Aus...

Why learn English in South Africa
min read min

Set on studying English abroad, but still wondering where to go? South Africa may be not on the top ...

Why learn English in Australia
min read min

Australia. Even its name evokes wanderlust. Almost everyone knows someone who’s traveled to or studi...

My study abroad: Miriam – Somerset
1 min read 1 min

“We had everything we wanted there. We had a mall, a theme park, a water park, a beach. We also visi...

5 reasons to study English in the US
min read min

Studying a language in a country where it’s spoken is 100% the best way to learn a language. That’s ...

5 best cities in the world to study English
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Forget about London, New York or Sydney – or at least consider your options.If you’re looking to go ...