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10 most romantic cities in the world

10 most romantic cities in the world

Whether you want to whisk your significant other on a romantic journey away, or simply search for that significant other on, say, a language course abroad (and yes, it really happens), our list of cities where romance blossoms should inspire and help.

Here are the most romantic cities in the world – from a few classics to a couple of exciting (and unexpected) newcomers:

1. Paris, France

Widely known as “the city of love”, Paris offers a romantic experience like no other. Exploration is key here, so ditch the itinerary and just wander around. Pop into a bakery for a fresh pastry with your partner, camp out in a bistro in the afternoon for a glass of wine or two, and admire the architecture as you stroll down the cobbled lanes of Marais at sunset. Hearing and speaking French can only add fuel to your romantic fire as French is widely considered to be the most romantic language of all. If you’d like to take your Parisian sejour to a new level, consider staying a little longer and doing a language course together.

2. Rome, Italy

The Italian capital is one of the most versatile cities to visit with your partner. Few places are as historically significant and charming as Rome, and the touch of nostalgia that permeates every corner make it even harder to resist, especially if romance is your thing. And did we mention that the culture and food are second to none? Need more convincing? Watch a couple of classic movies like Roman Holiday (1953) or La Dolce Vita (1960) and tell us we’re wrong.

3. Venice, Italy

Here’s a classic no one can turn a blind eye to. The magical charm of Venice is unrivaled and undeniable. Over the years, Venice has managed to flip even the most adamant critics to worshipers, thanks to its scenic canals and snugly gondolas. The only downside to traveling to this capital of romance is that you won’t be the only one. The city receives more than 20 million visitors a year. We suggest going a little off-season to keep things a little more relaxed (and intimate) – early spring (Valentine’s in Venice anyone?) and late fall are good times.

4. Berlin, Germany

The prettiest and most interesting city in Germany sometimes gets a bad rap for being unwieldy and a little rough around the edges. But Berlin has a secret up its sleeve: Berlin is one of the most tolerant and open cities in the world, embracing love without stigmas or restrictions. This progressive city allows you to be who you are and be with whom you want. Grab your significant other and dive into this whirlpool of parks, museums, and history – and throw in a club night or two (if that’s your thing).

5. Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is on the rise – and now’s the time to visit the motherland of tranquil love before the masses arrive. A peaceful holiday away from the deafening sound of busy streets might just be what you and your partner need. You can sneak a mischievous kiss on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge or go for a stroll along River Danube for full-throttle romance. Budapest’s secluded spots and underrated attractions will never seize to inspire.

6. Honolulu, USA

Pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, lush gardens, and great local food… Honolulu has all the makings of a fabulous romantic getaway – for couples of all ages. From swimming with dolphins, to surfing the wild waves, or just lounging on a beautiful beach all day, Honolulu offers up any and every  kind of romantic and exciting activity you could think of. The best part? It’s a great destination all-year round, with temperatures barely ever dropping below 20 degrees Celsius.

7. Vancouver, Canada

How mind-boggling is it that the graceful city of Vancouver keeps slipping through the cracks? Only a handful of towns could offer you the full package the way this effervescent city does. Name your poison and Vancouver has it: exciting hikes, world-class skiing, or walks on secluded beach. There’s even a slightly terrifying, albeit amorous, walk on a narrow bridge that will get your adrenaline pumping.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Take your better half to a cosmopolitan capital with a beach 10 minutes from the center. Barcelona is a rare breed of a city that manages to seamlessly blend urban and beach cultures. It’s as chill as it is vibrant, and in the course of one romantic evening you can sip drinks and eat tapas on a rooftop bar, and then frolic on the beach while witnessing a picturesque sunset minutes later. The Gothic Quarter, Park Güell, Antic Teatre, and Ciutadella Park are some of the other romantic heavy-hitters in this city.

9. Udaipur, India

A little more off the beaten track, but no less of a gem. This city in western India emanates romance with exquisite culture and stunning scenery. Lake Pichola’s charm reaches its peak at night, with a boat ride on the lake counting as one of the most romantic experiences you can possibly treat your partner to. And did we mention the tasty food and stunning hotels? Yes, Udaipur may not be a household name yet, but it will be soon.

10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Seeking a little history, authentic culture and romantic vibes in a more intimate setting? This coastal Croatian town is just what the doctor ordered. With a vast variety of intimate activities and stunning views, Dubrovnik is practically a breathing postcard. There are cozy cable cars for a bird’s eye view of the city and sea, a delicious island (Lokrum) waiting in the wings. There’s even a bar located on a cliff. This romantic city is easy to savor and hard to forget.

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