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I’m a macaron-loving, coffee-drinking, Swiss-American copywriter. Having grown up on both sides of the Atlantic, I’ve developed a penchant for all things chocolate and the perfect BBQ ribs. More than anything else, though, I love learning new languages and exploring new places.

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10 hidden gems in Rome
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Mention the Eternal City of Rome and most people already picture themselves on a glossy red vespa, w...

Learn English with these 11 free podcasts
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We’re living in a digital era; at a time when everything from ordering groceries to learning new ski...

Finding the love of your life abroad – An EF love story
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d reveal one our favorite real-life love ...

10 reasons to take a “smart vacation”
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If you’re a young professional in today’s fast-paced world, you know that work doesn’t stop at the o...

How to find the perfect travel buddy: a checklist
min read min

Picture this: you’re studying abroad or have just moved to a new city (or even country) for school o...

5 best bakeries in Paris and vocab you need to know
min read min

Step inside a Parisian bakery, and you’ll experience a magical whirlwind of warm buttery croissants,...

How to make a multilingual relationship work: 6 tips
min read min

We all know there’s a ‘language of love’ – but what happens when love is spoken in different languag...

How to fit in in France: 8 dos & don’ts
min read min

Ah, France – the home of crispy baguettes, delicious pastries and exquisite wine. France is all abou...

How to make the most of your American college experience
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“Man, I love college,” is a common refrain and not just a line in one of rapper Asher Roth’s most fa...

Tandem language learning: an introduction
min read min

Having a tandem partner is the best. And no, by “tandem partner” I’m not talking about two people wh...

8 tips to ace your first week at a new job
min read min

Starting a new job is just like the first day of school: you’re worried about what you’re wearing an...

10 things that only those who lived in the US understand
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From the towering skyscrapers of New York to the rolling hills of San Francisco, the United States w...