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10 most romantic things to do in London

10 most romantic things to do in London

London can easily give Paris a run for its money as the City of Love. To prove it, we picked 10 of the most romantic things to do in London:

1. Movie night done right

Cinemas are classic date locations, so why not up the ante with with 2-seater sofas and blankets at Aubin Cinema? By bringing over snacks from the bar, you smoothly combine four key ingredients of a romantic evening: a movie, a picnic and a couch with a blanket.

2. A date at the museum

Holding hands or stealing a kiss is somehow way more fun when you’re surrounded by art and history. A lot of of the museums in London are not only free but they are open late and make the perfect place to stroll around on rainy days.

3. To infinity and beyond

When it comes to love, the sky’s the limit: Take the object of your desire to the Planetarium at the Royal Observatory and attend one of the journeys up into the night sky and beyond. Stargazing and traveling through the whole universe together – yes, please!

4. Love at 135 meters

If you want a big gesture but don’t have a lot of time, book a Cupid’s Capsule – your very own London Eye capsule, complete with champagne and truffles. The 30-minute rotation is not cheap, but who can put a price tag on romance with a view?

5. Victorian dinosaurs

If you can’t afford diamonds, go for crystals and a palace: Crystal Palace Park is a Victorian pleasure ground – a typical English garden with all the trimmings  – so if that doesn’t ooze romance, then I don’t know what will. The park also has a maze, lakes, and life-size models of dinosaurs – what more could a date ask for?

6. Hear the love

Ditch the texting and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ear – while standing over 30m apart. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral’s whispering gallery for a unique acoustic experience: The gallery is beneath a dome and the sound travels along the circular wall – as long a you whisper and listen along the wall, you’ll be able to hear each other, no matter where in the room you stand. Just beware of eavesdroppers.

7. What a view!

Primrose Hill park is free and has a breathtaking view of the London skyline, which makes it popular for tourists and maybe a tad tricky if you’re looking for some alone-time. Consider impressing your date with a sunset picnic or a sunrise breakfast. On a blanket, of course.

8. Where the scenery does the work

Hampstead Heath is a beautiful park, complete with meadows, trails, and ponds. But to really score points, take your date to the Hill Garden and stroll through the Hampstead Pergola, a raised, overgrown walkway in the middle of a beautiful garden. Forget poems and rose petals – the scenery alone will sweep your date off their feet.

9. First steps on the South Bank

The South Bank is ideal for a first date, as it offers a little bit of everything, including sights, restaurants, book sales, museums and ample opportunities for people watching. You can be outdoors, indoors and walk a lot, which somehow always helps on dates.

10. Pedal to the metal

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and a lot of people row their way into someone’s heart on Serpentine Boating Lake. But how about trying something different, sharing the workload and renting a pedal boat? After all, you know how the saying goes: A couple that pedals together, stays together.

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