TOEIC reading

The TOEIC reading comprehension test is the second half of the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test. The TOEIC reading segment is 75 minutes long (longer than the listening test), and is composed of 100 multiple choice questions (the same number as the listening test). The reading segment has a low score of 5 points and a high score of 495 points. TOEIC reading scores can be mapped to the CEFR levels from A1 to C1, but not to level C2. Because this is the second half of the test, it is important to stay concentrated.

The TOEIC reading test cannot be taken without also taking the TOEIC listening test during the same test session. The TOEIC Speaking and Writing test is separate and can be taken during the same test session or during a different test session.

Test structure

Like the listening test, the TOEIC reading test is made up of 3 parts. Most students find the second part to be the easiest, but you can complete the 3 parts in any order you choose and allocate your time in any way you wish:

Part 1 of the TOEIC reading test asks students to fill in the blanks in 30 incomplete sentences. The sentences are printed in your test booklet along with 4 possible ways to complete each sentence. Many TOEIC preparation specialists recommend going quickly through part 1 of the TOEIC reading test to answer those questions which seem simple to you, then come back to the ones you skipped to reflect more fully on the answers.

Part 2 of the TOEIC reading test is made up of 4 texts in each of which 4 words are missing. For each missing word, you will have 4 choices of words to fill in that blank. This makes a total of 16 questions in part 2. Many students find this part the easiest of the four parts of the TOEIC reading test.

Part 3 of the TOEIC reading test has two sub-sections. The first asks students to answer 29 reading comprehension questions. You will read 10 texts and answer 2 to 4 questions about each one. Again, each question has 4 possible answers of which you must choose 1. Many students find this part difficult because the texts can be relatively long. The ability to read and understand quickly is essential to success in this part of the TOEIC reading test. Remember that you can read the questions and answers first before reading the text in order to look for the answers as you read.

In the second sub-section, you are given sets of two texts to read followed by 5 questions which refer to both texts. This sub-section of the TOEIC reading test is made up of 10 texts (5 pairs) with 5 questions about each pair, for a total of 25 questions.


In all parts of the TOEIC reading test, it is essential not to waste time. Blank answers on the TOEIC reading test are counted as incorrect answers, so it is always better to guess, even if you are not sure of the answer. You might be lucky and get the answer right. As with any multiple-choice test, if you can eliminate 1 or 2 answers that you are certain are incorrect, you improve your chances of guessing correctly from the remaining answers.