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10 reasons to love Perth

10 reasons to love Perth

Famously the most isolated capital city in the world (it’s the capital of the state of Western Australia), Perth has a lot more to talk about than its far-flung location. From wineries and beaches to wildlife and memorable Aussie slang, here are our top reasons to love Perth.

1. Slang

Aussies like to shorten words wherever possible (yep, Australians = Aussies). When in Perth you’ll hear locals chatting about brekkie (breakfast), avos (avocados), the arvo (the afternoon), bikkies (biscuits), veggos (vegetarians), snags (sausages), and coldies (cold beers). Not everything is shortened though.

Some other memorable slang terms are slacker (lazy person), schmick (stylish), galah (silly person), to cark it (to break/die), and the very vivid go off like a frog in a sock (to lose your temper). Here’s our quick guide to Aussie slang.

2. Surrounded by nature

Perth is definitely not a sprawling metropolis. Green space abounds, with Hyde Park, Kings Park, Sir James Mitchell Park, Harold Boas Gardens, Stirling Garden and others boasting city views, coin-operated barbecues, botanical gardens, kid’s areas, enormous Moreton Bay Fig trees providing enough shade and space to stretch out and completely forget you’re in a city.

3. The Swan River

This simply gorgeous river provides an impressive contrast to the city skyline, as well as dual-use paths for visitors to walk, bike, or skate around the river circuit. Prefer to be in the water? The Swan River is also perfect for kayaking and kite surfing, or sitting back and sailing past on a chartered cruise, ferry ride or sail boat.

4. Fremantle

For a relaxed weekend day trip, this port city just 30 minutes from Perth serves up markets, street performance, music, galleries, art, boutique stores, food trucks, second hand and boutique stores, beaches and a coffee scene to perfectly caffeinate any day. (Of course, given Australia’s shortened slang, Fremantle is often called Freo!)

5. Beaches galore

With more sunshine than any other Australian capital, Perth is a top spot for beach lovers. Cottesloe is the city’s most famous beach, but a trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without finding your own favorite. Try Vera Vera, Brighton, Mettams Pool, Greens Pool, and Yallingup or Leighton Beach in Fremantle pictured above. With safe swimming areas, coves for kayaking, picnic areas, sealife-teeming rockpools, one of Perth’s beaches will definitely steal your heart.

6. It’s a hidden gem (and cheaper!)

Because it’s so far from Sydney and the well-trodden tourist trails of Southeastern Australia, Perth feels fresh and unique as a destination, and is far cheaper too. It’s also closer to Europe and the Middle East, making flying there a little less painful and a little cheaper for many. And it goes without saying that it has all the great things you’re hoping to experience in Australia: sunshine, beaches, nature, great food, great coffee, and friendly locals.

7. Sunset city

You’ll be feeling a thousand times #blessed soaking in Perth’s sunsets. You’ll soon have a favorite beach for this evening show of light, though other corners to take in Perth’s sunsets include Bold Park, Park Street, Gooseberry Hill, and the Swan River foreshore.

8. Food scene

It’s no wonder Perth’s restaurant and produce market scene is thriving: the ocean on its doorstep provides fresh seafood and its Mediterranean-style climate is perfect for colorful, varied produce. In fact, Perth has more restaurants per capita than Australia’s other capital cities and is filled with European-style bars and hole-in-the-wall eateries that attract baristas, mixologists, and chefs to the city.

9. Doorstep wine regions

Perth is on the doorstep of two of Australia’s most renowned wine regions. Just 25 minutes away, the Swan Valley offers wineries with a side of colonial architecture, fresh produce markets, antique stores, and wildlife encounters.

However, the quintessential weekend getaway can be found in the Margaret River region, where cellar doors, artisanal craft micro breweries and distilleries, gourmet foods, and top surfing spots are rolled into an impossible-to-resist package.

10. Indian Ocean Drive

Grab some mates and cruise away on this road trip, winding firstly through the coastal town of Cervantes, then past the quirky Pinnacles rock formations, through sea lion haven Jurien Bay, and on to port city Geralton. While the road officially ends there, it’s well worth a detour to the Kalbarri National Park to get your fill of bush walking, abseiling, kayaking, and horseback riding!

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