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Tasty treats: 10 best street food stalls in London

Tasty treats: 10 best street food stalls in London

It’s time to take your taste buds on an epic adventure with our guide to the capital’s most scrumptious street food. The city’s vibrant food markets are a foodie heaven with countless stalls constantly producing new, mouth-watering dishes that are bursting with flavors from around the world. With so many options to choose from, we did the hard work for you and picked 10 of the best street food stalls in the city, guaranteed to keep you fueled while exploring the city. In no particular order…

1. The Rib Man

Where you’ll find it**:** Brick Lane Market and outside The Boleyn Tavern for every home match of West Ham Football Club.

Why it rocks: The Rib Man claims to have the best ribs in London which is a bold statement. However, once tasted you’ll think he’s being incredibly modest. The slow cooked produce makes for super tender (and huuuge) helpings of ribs or pulled pork rolls. Make sure to smother your dish in his famous hot sauce for an even tastier portion.

What you should order: Rib meat roll- a mountain of highly delectable tender pulled pork.

2. Boston Sausage

Where you’ll find it: Borough Market near the London Bridge Station

Why it rocks: Boston Sausage elevates the modest sausage to unthinkable levels of awesomeness. With 163 years of experience in crafting the most sizzling of sausages, the family run butchers know a thing or two about how to banish your hunger. Their hot dogs, sausage burgers, and pies are all cheap, flavorsome ways to refuel.

What you should order: The Boston Sausage Bap

3. Mother Clucker

Where you’ll find it: Ely’s Yard in East London

Why it rocks: Have you ever eaten twice-battered fried chicken that has been cooked and served from a converted US Army ambulance? No? Well, thanks to Mother Clucker you can change this. What’s even better than the quirky setting for the meal, is the food itself. The fried chicken and Cajun fries are some of the tastiest in London.

What you should order: Cluckwitch – a boneless fried chicken burger with all the trimmings.

4. Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ

Where you’ll find it: Camden Lock

Why it rocks: This is one for meat lovers. Street food doesn’t come more meatylicious than Camden Lock’s Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ stall. The highly delectable stall grills beef, lamb, deer, and boar on a large open fire that is both traditional of South America and totally delicious. You will struggle to find a more authentic Chimichurri Sauce than the fiery homemade one on sale here.

What you should order: A big beef wrap with all the trimmings.

5. Mr Piadina

Where you’ll find it: Camden Lock

Why it rocks: You’d be forgiven for thinking you were tasting an Italian flatbread straight from the sun-drenched streets of the Mediterranean nation when biting into Mr Piadina’s much-loved products. Italian mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes and more are used to create a fine accompaniment for a stroll through Camden, London’s trendiest district.

What you should order: Try a piadina topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and rocket.

6. Kappacasein

Where you’ll find it: Borough Market

Why it rocks: This is one seriously cheesy market stall. Locals and tourists alike flock towards the cheesy aromas of Kappacasein for a taste of their legendary grilled Montgomery cheddar, which oozes between two slices of freshly baked Poilâne sourdough.

What you should order: Three Cheese Toastie

7. Luardos

Where you’ll find it: King’s Cross, Brockley Market and Whitecross St.

Why it rocks: From their two incredibly funky vans, Luadros produce perhaps the most flavorsome Mexican street food this side of the Atlantic. Their freshly sourced chilis, herbs, and avocados are infused with slow cooked meats to help create a deliciously succulent lunchtime treat. Don’t ever leave Luadros without an extra helping of their homemade guacamole. It’s not to be missed.

What you should order: It’s all about the burritos!

8. Pizza Pilgrims

Where you’ll find it: Pizza Pilgrim’s always on the move.

Why it rocks: Lovingly crafted in the traditional Neapolitan style with ingredients sourced from the Italian city, Pizza Pilgrims is heaven for pizza lovers. In true London street vendor style, the scrumptious pizzas are cooked in the back of a three-wheeled van. What’s even better than their taste is the price, with pizzas ranging from £6-9. Bargain!

What you should order: Nduja spicy sausage pizza

9. Baba G’s Bhangra Burger

Where you’ll find it: Baba G’s is a moving target. Find it here.

Why it rocks: Choosing between eating a burger or a curry can be a fierce debate amongst friends. Luckily, the good people at  Baba G’s have combined the two, and it’s tastier (and less messy) than it sounds. Succulent lamb, marinated chicken, and traditional Indian herbs are transformed into the tastiest burgers around.

What you should order: Crazy lamb jalfrezi burger

10. Mama Wang’s Kitchen

Where you’ll find it: On the move as well. Find Mama Wang’s here.

Why it rocks: Mama Wang is on a mission to bring an authentic taste of China to the streets of London. Hand pulled noodles stretched over one meter wide and traditional lamb, pork, and tofu flatbread sandwiches are the staple dishes found at Mamma Wang’s Kitchen stall.

What you should order: Red-cooked pork cheek and belly Biang Biang noodles

Image by Luardos

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