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5 things we bet you didn’t know about Tokyo

5 things we bet you didn’t know about Tokyo

Here are five things you may or may not have known about Tokyo, host to the 2020 Olympic Games and producer of some of my all-time favorite horror movies:

1. Harajuku

Anything goes in this fashion district. And I mean anything! There’s plenty to do, but the biggest thing to not miss is the Harajuku Fashion Walk. Join the goths, lolitas, cosplayers, punks and others for this huge street party that rivals any Paris or Milan avant-garde runway show.

2. Toilets

Ever sat on a toilet and wished the seat was warmer and then realized there’s no more toilet paper left? Well, not in Japan! Hi-tech toilets there have several functions you’ve probably never heard of and sometimes even seat cushions to actually make going to the bathroom an interesting experience in its own right.

3. Male hosts

Found in bars and clubs, these men are considered Greek gods by Japanese standards. Women spend money to enjoy their company. And that’s it. JUST their company. They talk, give compliments, smile and pour drinks. Why? Well, in Japanese culture, boyfriends and husbands have trouble expressing their feelings and so women seek these hosts to make up for the lack of attention.

4. Haunted buildings

Walk down almost any street in Tokyo and you’ll be sure to find a haunted house. Komine Tunnel is the best for ghost sightings where a girl in a red dress apparently roams the tunnel and traffic accidents are frequent. Another is Roppongi Hills. Said to be built on land where some of the 47 Ronin (Samurai warrior aristocrats) died, residents that lived there were killed and involved in business scandals, among other incidents. The residence is now totally empty. Creepy, right?

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5. It has the most expensive restaurant…in the world!

Although this changes yearly, Aragawa has regularly topped the world’s most expensive list. This steakhouse specializes in Kobe beef – the champagne of meats – and can set you back at least 35,000 yen ($350) per person, per meal. Either way, just from the webpage, how can you resist? Time to use up your life savings!

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