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Malta magic: 5 must-visit spots

Malta magic: 5 must-visit spots

Malta is all about sun, sand, lovely restaurants and did we mention sun? In the summer it can get a little touristy though, so you’ll need some insider tips to make your short visit or longer stay one to remember (and share on Instagram, of course!). Here’s my list.

1. Tea time in a palace

There’s nothing like a relaxing afternoon tea with friends. Especially on a beautiful sunny Sunday. We parked outside the parish church of Naxxar (a village in the center of Malta) and walked through the big and majestic Victorian doors of Palazzo Parisio. Beautiful bougainvillea trees rustling in the gentle breeze (this is NOVEMBER in Malta, friends!), we tucked into some jasmine tea and little sandwiches and a delicious main course. Four hours and countless cups of tea later we were ready for a little digestive walk in the beautiful palace gardens.

2. Mdina walk

Mdina was the first capital city of Malta and deserted for a while after the capital was moved to Valletta. It’s called silent for historical reasons as well as for the fact that visitors are urged to be silent when walking around since the streets are so small and narrow.

But there’s one more reason to remain silent while visiting Mdna – the delicious cakes served in the many cafes around the old town. They’ll keep your mouth busy with everything BUT talking!

3. Sailing the ‘Med’

Malta is sunny 300 days a year and on any of those days there’s no better way to enjoy this island than on a yacht. Rent it with a bunch of friends and head over to Munxar Bay with clear waters and pristine limestone cliffs. You might even spot a dolphin on your way.

4. Tico Tico Bar in Valletta

Strait Street in Valletta hosts one of my favorite bars, Tico- Tico with a lively atmosphere, amazing snacks and a really easy-going vibe. It has also retained a lovely old-school flair with reminders of a more romantic sailor-meets-girl era.

5. Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay in Gozo is another firm favorite of mine. With beautiful red-coloured sand, natural dunes, lots of pebbles and a charming statue of the Holy Mary in the middle of it all! The stunningly turquoise waters don’t hurt either. Fun fact: the pebbles are actually not natural but part of an old wall that used to protect the bay from pirates trying to anchor there.

There you go. 5 must-visit spots on my beautiful island home. Enjoy.

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