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3 reasons why you should start planning your next language trip

3 reasons why you should start planning your next language trip

In the last year, life as we have come to know it has changed radically. Many of us have found ourselves at home working, studying, resting, or even taking up hobbies that we had abandoned due to the hustle and bustle of everyday routine. This time does, however, also offer opportunities to grow, reinvent and advance.

Both investing in your education and learning new things are always safe bets in an uncertain future. Little by little, we’re moving towards going back to normal – or finding a “new normal” – and preparing to face exciting challenges that await us at school, university or in our careers. Here are three good reasons why you should start planning your next language trip now.

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd

In this globalized world and competitive job market, there are some skills that are vital if you want to stand out and nail most jobs – one of them is the ability to speak English and other languages fluently. Employers are looking for people who have been studying abroad, since it shows your desire to learn, to go further and achieve your goals.

People who are fluent in at least English, but increasingly, languages such as Mandarin, German, French, or Portuguese are attractive on the job market, especially for positions in multinational companies and jobs involving traveling abroad. Being able to speak a foreign language could even help you land a promotion.

2. You can define your skills and become independent

Studying abroad opens the door to endless possibilities. It broadens your horizons, allows you to learn a new language and experience new culture, and, in turn, learn more about yourself. It also boosts your independence and gives you the opportunity to connect with people from around the world.

Not only can studying abroad give you a refreshing change in perspective, it can also transform your academic future and put you on the path to an international career.

3. You’ll have something to look forward to

Taking matters into your own hands and planning your future is key, especially when the future is uncertain. Planning ahead can be a vital part of your happiness, and we all need something exciting to look forward to.

Define what language you want to learn and make a list of the countries where that language is spoken. What place would suit you best? Do you want to explore the big city or the countryside? Research the cost of living, quality of life and activities in the destinations you’ve been dreaming of visiting. Find them on a map, search images, watch videos and visualize yourself in that place. And remember – it’s never too soon to start saving.

Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and your language skills and start planning a language trip abroad. In the meantime there are also plenty of ways to learn English, German, Spanish and Japanese from home, to get you excited for your future adventures.

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