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Finding love abroad – Camila & Peter’s EF love story
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When our students embark on a language trip abroad, they never know what they might find along the w...

10 hidden gems in Honolulu
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On the island of O’ahu, AKA ‘The Gathering Place’, Honolulu has long drawn international visitors wi...

10 reasons to love New York
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The definition of a bustling metropolis, New York City charms the masses with its dynamic and eclect...

3 reasons why you should start planning your next language trip
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In the last year, life as we have come to know it has changed radically. Many of us have found ourse...

Take a virtual trip with these 10 travel Instagram accounts
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Instagram is your virtual window to the world. Follow the right Insta-travelers and you can practica...

Here’s how language learning abroad looks during COVID-19
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This year hasn’t quite been what anyone imagined. With the unprecedented challenges arising from COV...

10 hidden gems in Bristol
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From historic open-air swimming pools to music festivals and movie screenings in caves underneath th...

10 things you have to do on Vancouver Island
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Victoria, located in the south of Vancouver Island, is lesser known compared to some other Canadian ...

10 tips for moving abroad on your own
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Whether it’s to learn a new language, accept a job offer, or start your studies, moving abroad chang...

How to travel more sustainably – a beginner’s guide
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Traveling teaches us to appreciate the world and the wonderful variety in it, but it can also be ver...

The 10 most popular GO articles you should have read this year
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It’s been another big year here on the EF GO blog. With so many terrific contributing authors from a...

Travel makes you a better person — here are 6 reasons backed by science
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Travel is exciting, inspiring, and fun. We are lucky to live in a world where travel is easier and c...