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Why study English in London?

Why study English in London?

Thinking of studying, working or just living in London? My advice: go for it. London has so many fantastic things to offer, from breathtaking cityscapes to its rich culture, music and art (not to mention the British accent).

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and variety that this buzzing city offers. Here are just five of the many reasons why you should study English in London.

1. Multicultural city

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. As a matter of fact, one-third of all Londoners are foreign-born, and over 200 languages are spoken throughout its many streets and neighborhoods. London is the perfect place to make international friends and get in touch with different cultures within the same city.

2. Diverse scenery

Speaking of neighborhoods, every area of the city has its own distinct style and atmosphere. You can start the day in the beautiful district of Notting Hill, exploring Portobello Road while enjoying the colorful houses and end the day shopping in Camden Town, sampling various food stalls and visiting the many vintage shops.

3. Food, food, food

As a hub of ethnic and cultural diversity, London’s culinary scene is an eclectic mix of many foods and flavors. There are markets serving delicious dishes, restaurants with many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options and cute coffee shops all around the city. Borough Market is also a fan-favorite, with vendors from all over the world selling delectable fare.

4. You never get bored

In London there are always a variety of activities on offer. From art galleries, theme parks and  shopping centers to concerts, musicals and events – the city has it all. If you crave a bit of greenery, there are many open outdoor spaces in London so you can always wander through its beautiful parks.

5. Perfect location

Not only is London a wonderfully Instagrammable place, but it’s location allows people to easily travel all around Europe for relatively cheap prices. There are countless connections departing from London on the regular. This creates the perfect opportunity to explore beyond the city on long weekends.

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