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I’m no fashion blogger, just a Gemini-girl living in her crazy world. Working as an Global Intern, I am travelling to London, New York and Hong Kong with EF. Watch the videos of my crazy life here.

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5 fun facts about Italians
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If you’re thinking about learning Italian or visiting Italy, there are some things you should defini...

5 reasons to learn Italian
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It’s tough to argue with the fact that Italian is a beautiful and useful language. I’m not only sayi...

5 things to know about working life in London
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It’s no surprise that many people (especially students) want to work in London. The British capital ...

Why study English in London?
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Thinking of studying, working or just living in London? My advice: go for it. London has so many fan...

5 of the most Instagrammable places in London
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If you’re exploring London (or hoping to travel there soon) and you’re trying to take the perfect In...

How to survive in New York: 5 essential tips
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The hustle and bustle combined with the fairytale magic of New York is what makes it a dream destina...

How to get rid of a foreign accent in English: 5 easy steps
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How many times have people been able to guess where you’re from just by listening to your accent whe...

What’s stopping you from going abroad? 5 common problems and solutions
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Traveling the world, experiencing a new culture and speaking several languages and are high up on ma...

Weird things Londoners do (as seen through the eyes of an intrepid Italian)
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I’m sure that there are plenty of things that Brits or Londoners would find strange about how we liv...

How to travel solo in London – a quick guide
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When you think about travel you usually imagine a trip with your friends, family or partner, but the...