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Trains, planes, and automobiles – the best songs for travel

Trains, planes, and automobiles – the best songs for travel

Few things go together like music and travel. A good song can take you further than any plane, train, or automobile and that’s why there’s a perfect soundtrack for everything. Sunshine? It’s time for that “California Soul”. Rainy day? Hello, Adele. Feeling confident? Get that 24K Magic in the air.

Whether it’s a long flight, road trip or train ride, bring these jams with you next time you travel.


1. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

This is my jam during take off. It’s got hard-hitting bass and dreamy synth riffs that work into the movements of flight. It’s an incredible experience and helps take your mind off of any anxiousness you may have about flying.

2. Wonderwild – Hive Riot

Once the plane has made it to its cruising altitude and you’re safely in the air, it’s time to enjoy the sights below. Have a look out the window and enjoy this synth-pop jam by electric duo Hive Riot.

3. Midnight City – M83

When you’re landing, you want to touch the ground feeling epic. You just hung out in the sky for a few hours. Take some time to savor that fact as the plane finishes its descent.

Road trips

1. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence + The Machine

Florence’s powerful vocals are set against indie rock riffs in this well-crafted album, making it a great start to any adventure. From the opening track “Ship to Wreck,” to the angsty “Mother”, you’ll have plenty of songs to belt out as you cruise down the highway.

2. Currents – Tame Impala

Sure, psychedelic rock isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this album doesn’t feel wrong in any backdrop I can frame it in. These Aussie rockers put together an album that’ll bring you from the big city to the coast and anywhere else you might want to roam.

3. W_olfgang Amadeus Phoenix_ – Phoenix

Maybe it’s just because their song “1901” is the perfect car commercial tune, but there’s something about the album that captures that nighttime city feel for me. I can recommend it for a long night drive through a city like Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, or Phoenix (so meta).

Train travel

1. Pure Heroine – Lorde

This first full-length album by the Kiwi queen is practically made for the journey-style travel that trains are famous for. It’s edgy and nostalgic, but mellow enough for you to find yourself staring out the window, pondering the meaning of life.

2. Funeral – Arcade Fire

Maybe it’s the Indie-loving band nerd in me, but this has always been one of those albums you can switch on, sit back, and just enjoy. A nice one for a leisurely train trip, you can even catch a bit of French with the tracks “Haiti” and “Une Année Sans Lumière”.

3. Loner – Sucre

Any song by Sucre is your way to go for a visually stunning trip. This five-song EP sets the stage for magic around any corner. I can recommend it for a trip through the desert or the journey along any alpine route.

Want to listen to these albums and more? Check out the playlist on Spotify.

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