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Top summer pics you have to take this summer

Top summer pics you have to take this summer

It’s finally summer and we wish it could last forever. Unfortunately, next thing you know it’s over and you’re swung back into reality; full of school, work and other responsibilities. Luckily, pictures CAN last forever. So in the fall when you’re reminiscing about the sun and the beach, make sure the photos you look back at capture just how amazing the summer really was.

1. Touristy places everyone visits on holiday

From behind

An easy way to make a picture less boring of a pretty view is to take a picture of you looking at the view from behind. Also a great picture if you’re having a bad face day.


Perspective photos are a great way to make the typical landmarks every tourist photographs less boring.

2. In the water

Swimming underwater

A picture swimming underwater will always look amazing. Needless to say you’ll need to have a waterproof phone case or underwater camera (or GoPro) to capture this one.


Get the perfect diving picture and make your friends jealous of your skills.


What’s summer without a pic with the newest, coolest inflatable?

3. On the beach


A picture of all you friends jumping on the beach will look so cute (and yes, it’s the good kind of cheesy). Definitely worth a post on the gram.


Try building a human pyramid with you friends. This will be as fun to create as it will be to look back on. For a modified version, try spelling out letters, for example EF with your travel buddies. 😉

Tropical fruits or ice cream

Using half a watermelon as you smile, a pineapple on you head or simply enjoying a delicious ice cream will make a perfect pic to show off that summer vibe in a cute and drool-worthy way.

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