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The time is now: 8 reasons to learn a new language

The time is now: 8 reasons to learn a new language

Almost everyone can name one language they want to learn – Japanese is on my bucket list. But almost everyone has myriad excuses why they are not yet fluent: There was no pen to fill out the sign-up form with, and you know, the day only has so many hours. But soon. Next year. Yes, probably next year-ish.

The time is now, my friends. Learning a new language will basically give you superpowers.

1. Mo’ confidence, mo’ fun

Learning a language boosts your confidence: You will make new friends, understand movies without subtitles, and you’ll even be able to help tourists who ask for directions. Compliments, admiration and occasional applause can be a pleasant side effect when learning a language.

2. Up the brain ante

Your brain cells will step up their game when you learn a new language. Your memory will improve, which is a huge benefit when trying to find keys or acing exams. That extra brainpower will also help you make better decisions faster. How awesome is that?

3. Take the road less traveled

When you learn a new language, your vacations will become so much more exciting. Even with basic language skills, you can travel off the beaten path and experience the adventure of a lifetime. You will get to see a different, more authentic side of a country and make new friends (and take cooler pictures to make your old friends jealous.)

4. Oh la la!

Accents are sexy. Everything sounds better when said with an accent – you can basically read the phonebook and it will be cute. So show off your new language skills loudly and proudly and try to talk your way out of that parking ticket.

5. Let’s talk

Attending a language course abroad is not only fun, but you will make a ton of new friends from all over the world. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to stay in touch and practice your language skills together (makes homework fun, doesn’t it?)

6. The world is waiting

A new language allows you to live, work or study in another country. Have you been dreaming of opening a café in Paris or getting accepted at an American university? Speaking the language is the first step to living that dream.

7. Hold on, London. Paris is on the other line.

Speaking at least two languages will jumpstart your career. Being a global citizen who is able to communicate with people from all over the world is crucial in our connected world. Oh and you will make more money – a second language is basically the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Open + tolerant = awesome

A new language helps you to understand other people and see the world through their eyes. You will experience a new way of living, learn new customs and realize that there is more than one way to do laundry or throw a dinner party. Some things will be better, others will simply be different.

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