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Tom F

Tom is from the south of the U.K. and is currently based in Switzerland where he writes about travel and language learning - and does a lot of each himself!

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7 language facts that will blow your mind
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The future of how we’ll communicate is a source of heated debates – here’s our take if you’re curiou...

9 British slang words you need to know
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If there’s one essential thing you need to get a firmer grasp on UK culture, it’s knowledge of the s...

10 (more) Netflix shows to learn English with
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I don’t know about you, but I prefer to learn another language while doing as little physical exerci...

10 superhero TV shows to learn English with
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Alongside learning languages, my favorite thing to do is to watch superhero TV shows and movies. Why...

10 reasons UK weather isn’t as bad as you think (and a whole lot more interesting)
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People who haven’t lived in the UK generally believe British weather is terrible, and prepare for an...

6 crazy facts about time zones that every world traveler should know
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Time zones make logical sense, but they can also be really annoying. How many times have you boarded...

10 Netflix documentaries to learn English with
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Learning English on Netflix is a lot of fun (check out some great options of what shows to start wit...

10 British dialects you need to know
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If you’re learning English in the UK you might think you’ll come home with a perfect British accent ...

12 London tube stops with the weirdest names
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Officially known as the London Underground, but known by locals as the Tube (because of the shape of...

7 things to know about the British royal family
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Anyone who has lived in the UK will know that the royal family have a special place in British histo...

9 British place names that people always say wrong
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The UK is full of weird place names, and if you’re learning English in the UK and don’t know why Hol...