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10 hidden gems in Santa Barbara
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Sandwiched between the west-coast icons, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is California’...

10 reasons to love Santa Barbara
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Gorgeous scenery, laid-back locals, and positive vibes – Santa Barbara is one of the most beloved pl...

NorCal vs. SoCal: what’s the big deal?
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“California, the land of avocados, the great outdoors and the world’s best city – San Francisco…”“Ho...

Talk like a Californian: 10 (more) expressions to master
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Californian expressions change like the seasons – we’ve already covered 10 key ones here – so here’s...

4 essential road trips in Southern California
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You’re finally in Southern California – the waves are gorgeous, the sun is always out and you’re bas...

Talk like a true Californian: 10 expressions to master
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In order to live the Californian lifestyle, it’s not enough to make sure burritos, avocados and In-N...

10 things to eat in California
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It seems that in California, almost any problem can be solved with a combination of avocados, yoga, ...

6 best things to do in Northern California
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Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring California? From sandy beaches to wild national parks and even wilde...

The best beaches in Los Angeles: Our ultimate list
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No trip to the City of Angels is complete without a visit to one of the many beaches. From swimming ...

Top 10 tracks for a California state of mind
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Planning a trip to the Golden State? Or just in the mood for some California love? I’ve got you cove...

Essential California: Go North or go South?
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With over 38 million inhabitants, the 8th largest economy in the world and more land than Italy and ...