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5 of the most Instagrammable places in London

5 of the most Instagrammable places in London

If you’re exploring London (or hoping to travel there soon) and you’re trying to take the perfect Instagram photo of your trip to show your friends how much fun you are having, there are many cool locations to check out.

Here are my top 5 most instagrammable places in London (that also happen to be conveniently located around the EF London campus) for that perfect ‘gram.

1. Colorful doors outside the school

When you walk down Roupell Street on the way to EF London school you’ll see many doors in various pretty shades. Depending on your outfit of the day (#ootd) you can select the door that matches the colors of your clothes and get that perfect and original shot!

Of course Notting Hill is another hotspot to get one of those iconic door snaps, so it’s worth adding that to your tour of the city.

2. Brick houses on Colombo Street

Most of the buildings around school consist of varying shades of brick, but a place that gives you that proper English vintage vibe is a pub called Rose & Crown just a 2-minute walk from the school.

If you want to snap an outfit shot or take a portrait picture, the steps outside the building make for the perfect background. You might as well include in the frame the majestic skyscraper behind the building. Plus, if being an Instagram poser gets tiring, you can always enjoy some drinks at the pub!

3. White houses outside Southwark

If you have some time to kill after class and before going home, you can stop outside Southwark station with your new classmates and take some pictures in front of the white houses in Blackfriars Road, close to the Baltic restaurant.

If you are looking for an elegant and modern location, this is the place for you. Not sure what to do  with your hands while posing? Grab a cup of coffee to-go from one of the many coffee shops nearby to add a prop for a little extra flair.

4. Graffiti on Cornwall Road

While strolling down Cornwall Road, you’ll see a graffiti wall that provides the ideal backdrop for your pictures. If you want to infuse a little color into your Instagram feed to contrast the typical London weather (let’s face it: somewhat grey), this is one to check out. This is the place to take pictures to show your new London outfits to your friends or take a funny and cool selfie with your friends!

5. Waterloo bridge

Located just 10 minutes on foot from the EF London school, Waterloo Bridge is the perfect place to enjoy a panoramic view of London. If you want to start the day right, you can stop at Waterloo Bridge before class and watch the sunrise. If you’re more of a sunset-lover you can enjoy the sun going down and take beautiful pictures of the London skyline.

I always stare at that beautiful view while listening to my favourite songs. Waterloo Bridge is a great place to go, especially if you haven’t had the chance to visit many of the tourist spots in London. From there you can spot The London Eye, Westminster and Big Ben – all incredible to see!

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