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How to travel solo in London – a quick guide

How to travel solo in London – a quick guide

When you think about travel you usually imagine a trip with your friends, family or partner, but there are plenty of situations in life when a solo trip is just what the doctor ordered. And although a big city like London might be scary at first when you travel alone, it’s a city jam-packed with interesting things to do, places to explore – and of course new people to meet.

1. Try out unique places to eat and drink

It may be a bit of a cliché, but it really is true that London has an incredible amount of original places to eat and drink. Mr Fogg’s Residence, a bar with a Victorian vibe in Mayfair, is a good example of the kind of spot you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Decorated with artifacts and antiques collected from all corners of the earth, this place is not only unique – it also serves up some of the tastiest cocktails in town. If you’re in the neighborhood after 4pm on a Saturday or Sunday, pop in for afternoon tea with a twist.

Not unique enough as an experience? For fans of shows like Orange Is The New Black, Alcotraz in Shoreditch, is the place to go. When convicted to Alcotraz, guests – or  inmates – smuggle in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails, and every guest is also given an orange suit to help get in character.

2. Go to a musical

Going to a musical is the perfect plan for a solo date – no need to small talk, you can just enjoy the extravaganza unfolding in front of you. There are so many amazing musicals to see in London – from old classics like the Phantom of the Opera to more recent hits like Wicked or The Lion King. If you worry about ticket prices being too high (and they can be pretty high at times), I can highly recommend the TodayTix app that helps you find exclusive last minute deals at a very good price.

3. Check out London from a free rooftop

One of the best ways to enjoy the city is seeing London from above. You can have a beautiful view of London from the Tate Modern museum, for example. Not only you can visit the museum, of course, and check out it’s incredible modern art collection, you can go to the top of the building for a breathtaking view over the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

If you prefer the view of the city from the opposite side of the Thames, I recommend you go to the sixth floor of the One New Change shopping center to have a close and free view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

4. Enjoy a walk in an unusual park

If you are lucky enough to visit London when the weather is good and sunny you should visit one of the many parks around the city. Famous parks like Hyde Park and Green Park are definitely worth visiting (they’re vast, wonderful and offer a welcome break from the city’s hustle and bustle), but there are beautiful hidden green areas like Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden, an old church turned into a public garden between London Bridge and the Tower of London, to explore as well.

5. Soak up the silence at the British Library

The British Library is the place that can give you some peace and quiet in a chaotic city like London. And spending a quiet morning there will make you feel like a real local. You can spend the morning there studying, reading or working on your laptop while enjoying a very tasty cappuccino from the kiosk outside the building.

6. Let the bus lead the way

One of my favorite things to do when travelling solo is randomly taking the bus and going around the city enjoying it from the bus windows as it whizzes through this vast and wonderful city. When I see a place that I really like I just get off and go there. In London the view is especially beautiful in the front row of the double decker bus, so it’s worth waiting for your turn to sit there.

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