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6 magical spring destinations for your travel bucket list

6 magical spring destinations for your travel bucket list

After all the holiday hibernation and mornings covered in snow, spring is the perfect time to venture out into the world and discover everything that’s been hiding away. With fun festivals, beautiful flowers, and seasonal food, springtime is simply marvellous – maybe even magical. To prevent you from missing out on any of this spring goodness, we’ve put together a quick list of our top-six magical spring destinations for your travel bucket list. Enjoy!

1. The Huntington Library in San Marino, California

You can find magic any time of the year at the Huntington Library, but it’s especially beautiful in the springtime. It’s home to 12 curated garden spaces, including cactus, rose, and Japanese gardens. In total, the entire ranch has more than 15,000 plant varieties and holds special events in the springtime as many of the flowers bloom. And the average temperature is a cool 65ºF (18.3ºC), making it an ideal destination for those who need to escape a long-lasting winter. Just a quick drive from Los Angeles or San Diego, it’s a beautiful escape from big city life.

2. Tulips and more in Portland, Oregon

When you think of the Pacific Northwest in the US, it’s easy to imagine dark rainy days, but just wait until tulip season rolls around. Just 31 mi (50 km) south of Portland, you’ll find 40 acres of vibrant tulips. Reminiscent of Holland, you don’t want to miss the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn. Another lovely spot in the spring is the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, which give way to a beautiful botanical garden that comes back to life in late March.

3. Hanami in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is high on the bucket lists of travelers worldwide. With the city’s skyrise buildings, hip fashion sense, innovative gastronomy, and technological prowess, Tokyo has become the symbol of cool. Its famous crosswalk in Shibuya is one of the most popular spots for travelers to explore, but, every year for two weeks in the spring, all eyes are on the trees. A must-see location is the Meguro River or Utsubukiyama Park, where they illuminate the cherry blossoms at night.

4. Paris in the springtime

There’s no doubt you’ve heard all the hype around Paris in the springtime. Is it any surprise? As one of the most beloved places in the world any time of the year, there’s something especially magical in the months of March through May after a cold, gray winter season. The city turns into a gallery of blooming flowers, blue skies, and Parisians dining al fresco. The local museums all take on grand spring themes to celebrate the season’s arrival, while sports fans, and music lovers come out in droves for the French Open and Saint-Germain Jazz Festival.

5. Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

When you think about Washington D.C., it’s easy to think about fast-paced episodes of House of Cards or Scandal but every year in March, the city shows off its softer side. The streets are lined with gorgeous pink flowers, as cherry trees begin to bloom. A gift from Japanese chemist Jokichi Takamine, they were given in the name of Tokyo to the city of Washington, D.C. back in 1912. Locals have enjoyed them so much, there’s even a month-long festival hosted each year to celebrate their bloom.

6. Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco

When you think of Marrakech, you probably imagine warm weather and golden sand, but this desert city is full of lush oases. Home to 54 public gardens, Marrakech come to life in the spring. The most popular garden is Jardin Majorelle. Designed by French Orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle over the span of nearly 40 years and then later restored by fashion designers Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé, it’s truly a magical place.

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