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University profile: University of St. Andrews

University profile: University of St. Andrews

IB Y2 student Tyra Bernardshaw recently received great news from one of her top choice universities, the University of St. Andrews. Originally from Norway, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a top five UK University after completing the IB Diploma program at EF Academy New York.  She was looking for a university with a strong International Relations program which was a bit closer to her native country. The University of St. Andrews proved to be a top choice with its rigorous international relations program and vibrant international community in Scotland.

University Advisor Drew Granucci recently attended the annual College Counsellors Conference held annually at the University of St Andrews. The university invited close to 60 counsellors from around the world to attend the conference and learn more about the opportunities offered by one of the top schools in the UK. The conference included a tour of the historic campus, meetings with admissions representatives at the school and panels of current university professors and students. Mr. Granucci noted, “The conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with university officials and speak about our students at EF Academy. I was able to learn which students would be an excellent fit for the university and also to hear from a variety of administrators about the wonderful opportunities offered at the university.” The conference concluded with a traditional Scottish meal at the “Old Course” clubhouse – the birthplace of golf adjacent to the town of St. Andrews.

Ms. Bernardshaw reflects on her interest in the university and college selection process below:

“Last fall, I decided to apply to University of St. Andrews, one of the most recognized schools in the UK. My decision was based on the high quality of education, while also having friends who had spoken warmly about the student life on campus. The beautiful surroundings also seemed like an environment I could find myself in for the next four years. I had never been to Scotland before, but had heard a lot of great things about the culture, and especially Edinburgh –only a short hour away from St. Andrews.

When I got accepted earlier this year, I was both thrilled and a little nervous because it all seemed to be going so fast. I applied for International Relations, as I am very passionate about finding solutions to the world conflicts that we are facing, and because I believe that our generation is the one responsible for the future challenges that we may face.

I believe that a degree from University of St. Andrews will make me gain valuable knowledge, while also preparing me for adult life. The university carries an exceptional reputation and is known to have some of the world’s best professors and lecturers. Choosing to live in a foreign country is, to me, very dependent on the quality of the education and what the school has to offer me as a student. However, student life is also something that plays an extremely important role for my well-being, and St. Andrews offers a great variety of clubs and activities, while also providing volunteer opportunities and other societies.

St. Andrews is a place that offers all the significant qualities I look for in a university. I believe the location offers an atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere, and with all the different cultures and traditions it provides, I cannot imagine myself going anywhere else. I am proud to say that I will be a part of Class of 2020 at University of St. Andrews.”

The University of St. Andrews is a prestigious research university located in St Andrews, Scotland. Founded in 1413, the university has been educating the leaders of tomorrow for over 600 years and is well-renowned for courses of many different topics. The university is currently ranked 5th in the United Kingdom.