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Culture classroom: 4 top eats in Torbay

In Torbay, you can find a variety of different restaurants and cafes. That includes international or... Read more

Culture classroom: 5 tops eats in Oxford

Oxford is surrounded by an international atmosphere that is also reflected in its culture and food. ... Read more

Student starts Oxford’s first girls’ football club

This term, a new club was started at EF Academy Oxford; the girls’ football club. There was already ... Read more

UK and US: culture comparison

Here at EF Academy HQ in Zurich, we have team members from all over the world. This week, we’ve put ... Read more

5 reasons to send your child to study high school in the US or the UK

Everyone wants the best for their child, but when the best education is abroad, that can result in a... Read more

EF Academy students head to Bristol, UK

On January 19th, students from the Oxford campus went on an exciting trip to Bristol. For most of th... Read more

A behind-the-scenes tour of Oxford’s Natural History Museum

Written by Bofei Fan, an A-level Year One student at EF Academy Oxford On a Wednesday afternoon, we ... Read more

How students share their culture with their international peers

Attending a school like EF Academy gives you a unique opportunity to live among students from all ov... Read more

University is comfortable after the IB program

I studied the IB diploma at EF Academy Oxford, graduating in 2018. Since the beginning of this year,... Read more

Mathematicians do long-division all day, right?

To start 2019, a few students including myself who are very interested in mathematics traveled two h... Read more

The Oxford student lounge had a new renovation

What a transformation! On the first day of this term, I wasn’t surprised that every time a stu... Read more

Hello World! A lecture by Hannah Fry

During the last Wednesday of term 1, my math teacher Richard Pugsley, took some of his math students... Read more