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While it might be true that every school is special in its own way, whether a school is right for you is a different question. Maybe you’re interested in applying to university abroad, but you’re not sure you’re gathering the right skills to get there. Perhaps you’re not feeling challenged enough, and you’re looking for a new school to push you further. Whatever your aim is, organizing your priorities can be confusing. Luckily for you, we’ve put together some ideas that would make our list.

International Environment

Sometimes the only way to grow is to take yourself out of your comfort zone. At an international school, not only would you experience a new place but you’d experience new people too, from all over the world. Through surrounding yourself with fresh perspectives and cultures apart from your own, you might find yourself better equipped to take up your place as a global citizen. Also, if you’re looking for independence, we can’t think of a better environment to teach you how to stand on your own two feet and grow tall.


The right location will inspire you to be the best you can be. Maybe you’re driven by the bright lights and bustle of a big city. You might need to feel that anything is possible and that it’s right there on your doorstep. Or maybe you need the peace of a landscape that’s inspired writers and artists for generations. There’s nothing like feeling in touch with nature or being a part of a tight-knit community. Finding your place will motivate you like nothing else.

Sports Teams

We think it’s important that schools offer a diverse range of sporting activities and ideally, have the facilities to support student teams fully. Physical activity is proven to have a positive impact on brain function and sports that require problem-solving can also boost executive functioning (the skills that enable the brain to organize information and take action). Getting involved with a good team and a sport you enjoy could give you a helping hand when it comes to academics, and it’s also a great way to make friends.

Clubs and Activities

Everyone needs a creative outlet and the kinds of clubs and activities that a school can offer will go some way to shaping who you become as a person. Maybe you’re looking for a school with a thriving theatrical society or a lively debating team – or maybe you’d just be happy with a school which is open to you starting your own group. Whatever your passion, the part you play in extra-curricular activities will be key if you’re thinking of applying to university.

Language Learning

If you dream of studying in the UK or US after high school, then it’s vital that you perfect your English language skills. While it’s essential you study independently and continue to build your vocabulary, nothing compares to being fully immersed in a new language. At an English-speaking school, in an English-speaking community, you would have opportunities to test yourself every day. It’s also going to be a much better learning experience than textbooks and teaching alone.


No matter where you want to go, one thing you should be able to trust is that your school can get you there. When choosing a school, you should consider whether they have experience helping students like you: Can they guide you through international university applications? Do they have experience with nurturing talent in the creative arts? And most of all, do you believe that this school will support you towards reaching your fullest potential? No matter what else you’re looking for, this is perhaps the most important thing of all.



If you’re interested in learning in an environment with all of these qualities, then EF Academy could be the ultimate school for you.

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