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How studying abroad in high school gives your student a head start

Living in another country is an eye-opening experience. When moving to a new place, there are infini... Read more

A brief history of Black History Month

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Culture classroom: 5 top eats in New York

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Happy Year of the Pig: A history of Lunar New Year

Each year, millions of people await the new moon that appears between January 21 and February 20. Th... Read more

UK and US: culture comparison

Here at EF Academy HQ in Zurich, we have team members from all over the world. This week, we’ve put ... Read more

A behind-the-scenes tour of Oxford’s Natural History Museum

Written by Bofei Fan, an A-level Year One student at EF Academy Oxford On a Wednesday afternoon, we ... Read more

Insider tips: US culture

50 states come together to form the United States of America. Each state with its own unique culture... Read more

How being an athlete can benefit your life beyond high school

We’ve all seen the incredible sports films that have come out of the last few decades. From Friday N... Read more

Insider tips: UK culture

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each constituent is often assoc... Read more

Kenyan Chief’s snowy visit to EF Academy New York

This year, a small group of students at EF Academy New York have created a speaker series called “EF... Read more

3 benefits of studying outside of your native country

As an increasing number of students are choosing to take their studies abroad, we’re learning more a... Read more

10 Halloween traditions from around the world

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