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How cultural immersion promotes independence in students

Living abroad is a great way to learn more about the world. It gives you the chance to explore a new place and appreciate a culture you may have only admired from afar. For high school students, it can also be a valuable step in gaining independence and preparing for adulthood.

New surroundings

Growing up around familiar settings, in similar situations to the ones you’ve always been in is a great way to stay comfortable, but it doesn’t always do much to promote new experiences. Adventure is a major part of personal growth and being able to adapt to new surroundings can help you learn a lot about yourself. Students who attend boarding school or study abroad are given a chance to explore new surroundings.

Self-reliant life skills

Living abroad teaches students how to rely on themselves and better understand how the world works. They gain the chance to learn valuable life skills and live among a diverse crowd of people. This will require a lot of planning and effort as students learn how daily life works in a new culture. They’ll need to learn how to look after themselves in a foreign place, and build new routines to adapt to a different schedule. These are skills that will not only be important throughout the school year but also your student’s lifetime.

Cultural understanding

Knowing yourself is one of the most important aspects of being a strong, independent person. When your child is living among people who come from different backgrounds, they start to see areas where their traditions might contrast and they’re exposed to new perspectives. This gives them the chance to examine their personality and how they’re representing not only their culture but themselves. This is a great way to connect with others in a meaningful way and gives your student an opportunity to be a positive example.

Excellence in another language

Finally, one of the most coveted end results of cultural immersion is the opportunity to advance in language skills. Sending your student abroad gives them the chance to live among different cultures and speak languages that they may have only been able to study in a classroom. This gives them the chance to confidently speak with peers, teachers, and locals – surrounding them with a community that excels at the language of their choice.

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