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Will I fit in at an international boarding school?

Will I fit in at an international boarding school?
“Will I fit in?”

This is one of the most common questions the faculty and staff at a boarding school hear. Studying and living abroad is a big step for most students and one that’s best experienced when you feel you’re among friends. While it’s perfectly normal to be curious and even a little nervous about what it’s going to be like, we wanted to map out all the reasons you have nothing to worry about.

Dedicated counselors and staff

Some days can feel a little more challenging than others. This can be especially true when you find yourself living far from home and family. Having someone there to support your emotional well-being and guide you along is especially important. That’s where the support of house parents and guidance counselors come in. You’ll have someone there to go to if you ever feel unsure, need advice, or find yourself stressed out about exam season.

Small class sizes

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like just another student in a class of 30 peers, you’ll be delighted by the smaller community surrounding you at boarding school. Boarding schools tend to have smaller class sizes than the average classroom in a public school. This brings more opportunities to get to know your classmates and for them to get to know you. This sets the stage to engage in deep conversation and have meaningful interactions with your peers and teachers. Before long, you’ll be able to establish relationships and build lasting friendships.

Diverse voices

Along with the smaller class sizes, you’ll benefit from working and living among those who have different perspectives than you might have grown up around. This means more opportunity for opinions to be shared. Students can connect with teachers and peers about things that truly matter to them – and in doing so, find friends to build lasting connections with.

A variety of activities

Studying at an international boarding school can give you access to extra-curricular activities that you might not have in your home country. This gives you the chance to be around students who have similar interests to you. This is especially nice for those who might have lived in an area where this skill or activity wasn’t popular.

Imagine being in the US where you can play on a basketball team or having the chance to paint or practice photography with a school club. At EF Academy, you can even make your own clubs and teams to suit your focus. This means that if the school doesn’t already offer the space you’re looking for, you can create it yourself with likeminded friends and peers. It’s the perfect way to make friends from all over the world with shared interests.

Your uniqueness is celebrated

Being at an international boarding school can be especially valuable for those who’ve not always felt like they fit in. Everyone comes from somewhere that seems unique to their peers. This promotes an environment where students are curious, not critical. You’re all able to celebrate your diverse interests, heritage, and home country while learning more about everyone else’s. So while you’ll be able to stand out for what makes you unique, you’ll always fit in.