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EF Academy Pasadena – Residential life

EF Academy Pasadena – Residential life

Live and learn with classmates from all over the world

EF Academy Pasadena is eager to welcome their inaugural class this school year! Students attending this brand-new school in the first year have the exciting privilege of shaping the community for future generations to come. There are so many aspects of campus that our students will get to design alongside our talented faculty and staff – such as residential life, activities, and so much more!

Life in our EF Academy Pasadena dorms

Our purpose-built Scandinavian style dorm rooms are the perfect combination of an inspirational and cozy space for studying, but also taking some time to relax with friends after class. Every dorm room includes 3 student beds and a student lounge space. Each student has a study desk, wardrobe, and a locked drawer for valuables. The rooms are blank canvases, with lots of open wall space, shelves, and a pin board to decorate and make your own!

All students will live with someone from a different country. Every roommate will be a different nationality, giving our students the opportunity to truly learn both in and out of the classroom. Students will be able to travel the world, all from the comfort of their room!

Around-the-clock fun

At EF Academy Pasadena, there’s no shortage of activities for every student’s interest. From sports, to art, to science and more, there’s something for everyone. Since the school day ends at 15:30, students have an hour after classes to dedicate to extracurriculars! Students have the option to either play a sport or participate in a club or activity. Each weekday club runs twice a week and will either take place Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays after the school day. Clubs can either run for a half-year or a full year. Students are required to sign up for a club every day, so classes will be constantly complimented by an extracurricular activity. There is a plethora of options to choose from!

Our sports, clubs and activities enhance our American-styled international education and allow students to put the skills they learn in the classrooms to real-life use.

Our extended campus

After the school day has come to an end following clubs, activities, and sports, students can either choose to relax on campus or take a stroll down to the local shops and restaurants in town! E. Washington Blvd is riddled with locally owned cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and gyms. There are also grocery stores and pharmacies for students to purchase all their necessities. After a fun-filled day of learning, students can grab a friend and enjoy a cup of tea at the local coffee shop to sit back and get ready for another inspiring day in California.

Exploring the area

Weekends are for exploring! From Friday evening through Sunday, students can travel to famous California attractions, such as Hollywood and Santa Monica pier. There will always be school-organized field trips provided for students to participate in. These field trips are organized based on our students’ areas of interest, while also providing the opportunity for new experiences.

EF Academy Pasadena greatly benefits from our rich and diverse community. Places such as the California Institute of Technology, The Huntington Library, and more, will pair perfectly with our hands-on classes.


Students at EF Academy Pasadena will always have something to enrich their learnings. Whether it be a sport, an activity, an off campus trip, volunteering, or a club, there will be no lack of educational and fun opportunities for students to participate in!