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Shark Tank design challenge in Pasadena

Shark Tank design challenge in Pasadena

As part of the Global Leadership program, our Pasadena students completed a Shark Tank design challenge.

Shark tank challenge at international private high school

Imitating the famous tv show, they became entrepreneurs, picking up a UN Sustainable Development Goal that they are interested in, they came up with ideas and made their business presentations to a panel of investors or “sharks”, who could decide whether to invest in their companies or not.

Shark tank challenge at international boarding school

This way students started to design a solution to that goal and actually pitch their ideas to our sharks, which were from all over our Pasadena community. The sharks gave them feedback, and a winner of each leadership pathway was chosen. One for Global Citizens, one for Global Innovators and two for Global Entrepreneurs.

Shark tank project at EF Academy in Pasadena

Congratulations to all the students that participated in this exciting Shark Tank challenge!