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How a Californian education creates well-rounded, thriving students

How a Californian education creates well-rounded, thriving students

In the US, education is all about creativity and choice. High school students are encouraged to experience as much as they can, a wide range of subjects, activities, sports and more. This method of education creates well rounded students that thrive in university and beyond. But nowhere is this more apparent than in California, where free spirited entrepreneurs run the movie sets of Hollywood, innovate from the techtrolopis of Silicon Valley, and surf the waves at Santa Monica beach.

Here are just a few reasons why free-thinking, flexible education thrives in California and how it sets its students up for success:

Options, options, options

California is packed with successful industries. The state doesn’t only boast great opportunities for business minds or scientists, there’s truly something for everyone. Known as the land of milk and honey, California has a thriving agricultural industry and unique landscapes such as the Redwood National and State Parks. It’s also known for Hollywood, the home of cinema, and a long history of creativity and achievement in the arts. It’s also populated with the scientific institutes and innovators of technology that are changing the way humanity advances.

By studying in a rich environment such as this, students broaden their horizons. They learn from a wide range of fields, consider a huge array of careers and futures, all before selecting what suits them best and what drives them to succeed.

Community and discussion

The population of California is diverse. It’s made up of working professionals, university and high school students, families, retired persons and more. There are also a huge number of nationalities represented, with people traveling from all over the world to live and study in the state. For this reason, it’s no surprise that community in California is so important. It’s also no surprise that diverse communities are packed with alternative perspectives, experiences, and world views.

Students in California automatically join this international community and benefit from new ideas, free-thinking, and discussion. It’s the kind of environment that encourages independent thought and consideration of others – both skills which can inform learning in the classroom.

Cross-discipline study

In the US, university students are given the opportunity to try out different degrees, switch specialisms or even borrow papers from other subject departments. With some of the top universities in the US situated in California, this flexible approach to education is well known and favored. The presence of forward-thinking universities such as Stanford University and the University of California influences high school students as they prepare for higher study. For example, it’s known that co-curricular activities such as sports teach skills like leadership and commitment, which can inform and supplement academic work.

High schools in California understand that cross-discipline study is essential for students to gain acceptance into top universities. Flexible education is valued and students are given the space to make connections between everything they learn.

Free-thinking, flexible education is at the heart of EF Academy and our newest international school in Pasadena, California. Students are encouraged to learn from the community around them, study widely, try new things – and ultimately become well-rounded individuals, ready for university and beyond.