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What happens when 650 students take a trip to New York city

What happens when 650 students take a trip to New York city

In September, EF Academy New York sent fourteen buses carrying 650 students and more than 80 faculty members to explore the city that never sleeps. The trip was a celebration of the start of a new school year as well as the official kick-off of our new advisory program: MAPS.

Students on a bus

MAPS stands for Mindfulness, Awareness, Perception, and Skills. Its main goal is to create meaningful connections through experiential learning. What better way for students to learn about their new home than by visiting some of the most exciting landmarks in Manhattan?

Friends Fountain

The students and their teachers were dispersed throughout New York City at iconic sites such as the World Trade Center, Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and the South Street Seaport, among others.

At each stop, the students and their advisors (typically in groups of about 10) were able to see, touch, and experience the rich diversity and history that is New York City. Stationed at each location was a member of the Academic Leadership Team, there to help guide and teach students about the intricacies of these famous places.

New York Mural

There were exciting things to be seen and done around every corner, as there always are in NYC. It was a clear, beautiful day, perfect for gazing up at the skyscrapers, looking out at the Hudson from the Brooklyn Bridge, and grabbing an ice cream cone from the vendors at Chelsea Market.

In Central Park, there were singers performing, comedians practicing a stand-up routine, and even a wedding taking place at the Bethesda Terrace. All in all, it was an extremely successful kick-off to a year of creativity and curiosity at EF Academy New York.

We look forward to many more exciting adventures throughout the region this year – please stay tuned for more updates from EF Academy New York!

New York City


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