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Working out our bodies, minds and souls

Working out our bodies, minds and souls

It’s those little things that make the biggest difference in our lives. It’s not necessarily sleeping in or chilling out that will nourish our souls; but instead just a simple pointing of toes or stretching our bodies will completely make our day feel fulfilled.

We don’t have to pamper ourselves with material things, sometimes it’s just the thought of silencing our minds for a little while is all we need. Not a luxury but a true necessity.

When you fall, knowing that your mat will be there for you. Namaste!

“Take a deep breath and relax, think and feel, be and execute. The body and mind club is that moment of relaxing and discovering your body and your soul, it is a moment that everyone should have in their week. People today do so much for everything they end up doing nothing for themselves, which is a shame considering that your body and soul are you and need care, too.  Life sometimes becomes difficult because it is part of what it is, and breathing, relaxing and focusing are simple and obvious attitudes that have unfortunately been forgotten because of the endless run that happens in everyday life.”     -Eduarda Da Silva-

“Our yoga classes are designed to help us understand the deeper meaning of the practice.  Each class is focused on breathing and meditation and is focused on the health of the body. Classes are for everyone from beginners to advanced and offer the space and time for you to heal and unite the mind, body and soul. The course is mainly focused on the energetic aspects of life and the body, including heart center and how our energy connects with other humans, for example how we interact with others in our journey. Throughout the training, we are constantly encouraged to face our fears and be ourselves.”  -Gaia Lomonaco-

“I really enjoy what we are doing in this club. We do yoga for a week and then Pilates for another. Both are not vigorous but really stress me out. Yoga is about doing poses correctly and in a concentrated manner. They are peaceful and the movements are very slow, which requires us to focus on breathing at all time. Sometimes when the poses get challenging, I become too focused on my body movements and therefore forget to breathe. I guess that’s the most important thing I need to work on about yoga; to find that balance between my body movements and the my breathing. Also, I should try to keep myself calm and forget everything when doing yoga, in order to really go deep and explore my true self. I’m madly in love with yoga, and I do recognize the significant length of practice time needed for a person to become an expert at yoga. So, I will continue to participate in this club and hope that I will become good at yoga one day.”

–Shih Chien Huang-