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Welcome back EF Academy! Induction week in New York

Welcome back EF Academy! Induction week in New York

330 students, 60+ countries, one experience of a lifetime!

On Tuesday, September 4, EF Academy New York welcomed all new students to campus for Induction Week.  Each year, the nearly week-long series of events focuses on helping each student acclimate into their new home away from home.  

New York campus greeting


Group by group students and families arrived at the Thornwood campus, greeted by over 130 staff and a group of 53 student ‘storm’ leaders. From going on campus tours to settling into the residences to meeting new teachers, students began to get to know the campus and its community with their peers. 

Throughout the day, students and families met with their student success counselor, university advisor and members of the academic faculty. There were afternoon pickup basketball games in the gym or tennis and badminton on the tennis courts to help offset jetlag!  

The afternoon wrapped up with a farewell reception for parents in the courtyard before the students enjoyed dinner with the storm leaders and settling into their residence to unpack and decorate with their roommates.  




“I am very excited to meet all of our new students this week,” said George Stewart, Head of School.

“One area that we are particularly focused on this year is our residential community life curriculum called “MAPS”, which stands for Mindfulness, Awareness, Perspective, and Skills. I think that that is a fitting mantra for our school year, which is to try to be more mindful and to teach mindfulness, helping students be aware of their surroundings, helping them build an understanding of other people’s perspectives, and finally, the skills to navigate the world.” 

Another addition to this year is the Student Storm Leadership program that focuses on leadership training for returning students who are tasked to help new students feel comfortable in their new school.  

New York campus


“This year is our first year rolling out the Storm Leader program,” said Emily Aquina, Director of Activities. “We had 53 returning students come back to campus early to do a week of leadership training. They are fully prepared to lead their own groups of students and watching that process has been life-changing for me.” 

“My favorite part of being a storm leader is being able to meet all the students right when they arrive and being the first person they see and making them feel welcome here,” said Sophie from Mexico. 

Induction week will continue on for the rest of this week until the academic year begins on Monday, September 10th. In forthcoming days, students will have the opportunity to participate in a campus-wide scavenger hunt, continually meet with their student success counselor, sign up for courses, try out for sports and sign up for clubs, enjoy a disco under the stars in the campus courtyard. 


Welcome to all new students – we are excited you are now a part of our EF Academy New York family!