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Why you should join Model UN in high school

Why you should join Model UN in high school

It has never been more important than now, as a student anywhere in the world, to be part of an experience that can expand our global understanding, build leadership and critical thinking skills, and motivate us to explore something completely different. One such opportunity would be the Model United Nations club (otherwise called Model UN or MUN) at EF Academy New York which opens doors to new ideas and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to understand complex issues faced by people around the world. 

Solving real-world problems

Model UN provides a platform for students to play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world problems with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. The objective is to come together to pass a universal resolution that addresses various concerns and find a unanimous solution for participating countries like North Korea, Nigeria, and more. 

Outside of the conference itself, Model UN can help tackle the fear of public speaking, improve analytical and problem-solving skills, develop a collaborative spirit, and give a taste of diplomacy to students. Thus, not only does this experience create a culture of cooperation, but also is great for university applications in the future as it can highlight all your wonderful qualities. 

Go outside of your comfort zone

Now, let’s dive deeper into how Model UN helped me, a student who wanted to develop the right skills and add onto her extracurriculars. Over the course of the last few months, and under the guidance of teachers and student mentors at EF Academy, I learned to tailor arguments, get creative with ideas, and push myself out of my comfort zone. This not only helped me with my writing skills, but also in presentations, group projects, and any other activity that required attention to detail. Finally, it also inspired me to get more involved in global issues and understand our differences; a chance I would never have had before EF Academy.

Of course, the magic of Model UN was not kept strictly to our club; we spread it around campus! As is tradition, EF Academy New York hosted their 2nd Annual Model UN conference on campus in November 2021 for all students. This great initiative opened the club to non-members and allowed everyone to participate in the conference for the very first time. At the same time, it was an amazing opportunity for me, since, after weeks of preparations and interviews, I was appointed as the chair of the ‘Economic and Financial Committee;’ a huge responsibility. As chairs, we were head of the committee which entailed meeting certain expectations like not only being knowledgeable about the issue itself but also ensuring that all proceedings went ahead smoothly, inside and outside the conference. So, with our team and wonderful Secretary-General, Hyejin (Jennifer), we conducted hours of research, organized the logistics, and planned every part of the event from logos to arranging the guest speaker, Bill Baroni, a past senator of New Jersey, USA. 

Get involved

We do not plan to stop here. This year, we want to take Model UN to another level by participating in conferences in different schools and across the state. So, we are looking for new students with innovative ideas interested in current affairs, debate, and problem-solving to join us as we start a new chapter. We can’t wait for both new and existing EF Academy students to join us next. 

Don’t forget: nothing comes easy, and if you get into the Model UN club at EF Academy New York, there will be much hard work spent on harnessing a variety of critical skills. While difficult, the process will be unforgettable with a lot of team bonding, shared experiences, and excitement at every step of the way. Always be ready for an incredible time at Model UN!

By Nameeda, EF Academy New York