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A lecture on evolutionary biology with Richard Dawkins

Yesterday afternoon, a small group of  students were lucky enough to attend a public lecture on Evolutionary Biology at New College of the Humanities in London. Not only this but the speaker was professor Richard Dawkins the eminent ethologist, evolutionary biologist and writer.

First year Jana Michalke was one of those fortunate enough to go on this school excursion and relays the experience:

‘Today a couple of students from EF Academy went to London to see a lecture by Richard Dawkins; one of the most well-known evolutionary biologists in the United Kingdom. After taking the bus from Oxford we arrived in London and made our way to the New College of Humanities, where the public lecture was going to take place. The lecture was amazing. It was truly a lecture for non-scientists; easy to understand. Dawkins who was a Professor at the University of Oxford talked for about 90 minutes about the importance of evolution and how humans and other species were able to evolve side by side. He told us what people believed before Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; how people believed that they were designed like everything else that looks complicated. An interesting point he brought up is that we, after this theory, are all distant relatives. After the lecture ended we were able to ask questions related to this topic. We were also able to take a picture and get an autograph off him. It was worth visiting and I hope, that we are able to attend a lot more public lectures like this I the future.’

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