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A guide to graduating with grace

A guide to graduating with grace

Graduating might be the most overwhelming event of your life that you’ve experienced yet. And that might be an understatement. Now, you are officially an adult and expected to figure out what you want to do with your life in the next few years.

That might sound intimidating at first, but you’ll figure it out in no time. I’m sure everyone is stressing out and overthinking everything that’s happening, so I’ve come up with three ways to help you through this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious phase. Instead of feeling like your life is falling apart during this transition, think of everything as falling into place – because it truly is.

1. Stop Stressing Out

Senior year finals, college admission results, and getting ready to leave high school. I’m sure you must be trying your best not to, but it feels inevitable to stress out with so much going on in your life. The best thing to do at such a time is just take three deep breaths and tell yourself I’ve got this! Even though you might actually feel like your life is falling apart.

Regardless of what you might be feeling, getting anxious over all of it is not a good idea at all. Instead of being too overwrought while looking at it, you should be getting excited because you have a couple more years of assignments and early mornings coming up!

2. Focus On Your Finals

In the midst of all the madness, it’s facile to lose sight of what’s most important, and that’s your finals. Even if you’ve gotten into the university of your choice, its critical for you to be able to match the predicted grades given by your teachers (or come close) to say the least.

Although rare, it is possible that some of the universities change their mind about letting you join them that session. This would be as a result of your final scores not being up to the mark. Hopefully, you paid attention and took notes in your classes the whole year and just have to revise to prepare for each paper. If not, hang in there buddy.

3. Cherish These Moments

Although this sounds catchy and cliched, this is probably the most valuable pointer I can leave you with. These last few weeks will pass at warp speed and you’ll soon be leaving high school forever; take a minute to absorb that. Now that you have, make sure to be as involved as you can with your friends and everything going on at the campus because this is how you will create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Do everything you wanted to when you first started attending high school and still haven’t been able to, considering it’s not ‘frowned upon’ by the school. Get the contact details of your friends other than their Snapchat and Instagram usernames, and your teachers if you’re starting to feel really nostalgic.