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What goes on during Enrichment Week

What goes on during Enrichment Week

So much happens here we just need to take it back and break it down day-by-day for you!


so Monday was all about enriching us in the world of Language and Literature. So we decided to take our GCSE students to Stover Park. At Stover Country Park a trail for the poet Ted Hughes has recently been created to celebrate his poetry and long-standing links with Devon! The Park features sixteen poetry posts that display a poem by Ted Hughes on a theme relating to the natural world, it’s actually pretty cool.

Then we also had some of our students rehearsing for our upcoming performance of Hamlet!


The day of love! We actually spent the day on Tuesday doing many different things from our very own ‘ Apprentice Business Challenge’ to ‘ Model United Nations’ and even a trip to Edinburgh!

A little about Model United Nations:

It was surrounding difficulties that different nations have taking in refugees with the aim of reaching quotas. Each group was given a different country, some wealthy some less so. So it was a very interesting discussion indeed!

A little about Edinburgh!

So we set off by plane to Edinburgh on Tuesday afternoon and spent the time when we arrived exploring the City. It was truly stunning.

We went to Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura and did a lot of walking – it was an amazing experience and trip!



The whole school went to visit a City that’s very nearby called EXETER! Exeter is home to one of the UKs top Universities,  a beautiful Cathedral and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum ( It’s also really good for shopping!)


What a busy day for us at school! We had 40 of our students departing for the beautiful Paris and for those who were in school it was Higher Education day where Universities from all over came into school and gave talks and tips to our students for securing their places  and information on what ‘Uni life’ is actually like. We also had some of our lovely alumni come to school and offer some words of wisdom for their peers.


Another whole school Academic trip to visit Plymouth another one of our nearby University Cities! Plymouth is such a thriving City full of different things from museums to music and from Art to History!

The University itself has a pretty impressive campus!

So all in all an extremely busy yet enriching week at EF Academy Torbay thanks to our Enrichment Cooridinator Chris Nicholls!

Big Thank you to Chris from students and staff for a great week!