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Your future starts today…

Your future starts today…

So, another year begins with a new group of young people arriving at the gates of the school.

A little bit confused, a little bit frightened but full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to meet the teachers and staff who will guide them through their time at EF Academy Torbay, shaping their futures and helping them fulfil their potential to achieve their dreams.

Once we get them signed in and settled it’s off to meet their tutors and fellow tutees who will be some of the most important people they will meet on their first day. To get them working together and just to have a bit of fun we gave them the task of building as tall a tower as they could manage using just paper plates and tape. The best ones were the ones that didn’t fit in the classroom!!

Induction Week can be a real challenge for students who have come so far from home and the ones they love and while we want them to have fun we also want to be sure we get as accurate a picture as possible of their strengths to make sure they have the best fit in terms of their subject choices. This means we give them placement tests and induction interviews with their Pathway Managers.

It’s not long to wait before we are out having fun and this year we really wanted to show off the great setting that the school is in. With this in mind it was off to the beach for team building exercises and a beach BBQ. This was a great chance for them to work together to solve challenges and puzzles with the beautiful coast as their backdrop. Goodrington beach is a stunning location and the perfect place to dip toes in the sea while the BBQ sizzled away.

Torbay was lucky enough to be given the Big Wheel from the London Olympic park which is now based near Torquay Harbor so we all had a birds eye view across the bay. This gave everyone a great chance to relax and chat over a great Devon ice cream before heading off to Torquay Cinema that we had all to ourselves.

As a long week drew to a close we had time for one more get together at school for a fish and chip dinner from a classic chip van. Mark, our Head Teacher, welcomed all the students to the school to great applause before the annual international quiz.

The fun didn’t end there because over the weekend we had the chgance to explore the Bay a little further afield with a ferry trip to Brixham a stunning harbor town just across the sea. Brixham is a classic blend of old and new and a great place to explore and relax. On the way back we stopped off along the coast to visit some of the beaches and coves that make up Torbay to cheers and whoops as we passed the coves that we have named our houses after







The perfect way to end a fantastic week.