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My first week at EF Academy Oxford

My first week at EF Academy Oxford

Going to boarding school is a really big challenge for young people. EF Academy in Oxford gives us an incredible opportunity to gain life-long experiences and prepares us for university life. The most important thing is to be open for new people, cultures, gaining a lot of knowledge from role models and to think positive, even when we have worse moments. I think that is something new for all of us, so supporting each other is also important.

When I arrived in Oxford I was very excited but a little bit stressed as well. As soon as I came into the school building my first feeling was positive. Everyone was nice, helpful and I thought that I didn’t have to worry about anything. In the first few hours, I met many wonderful people and I hope that our relationship will survive a long time.

Actually the first week of school was organizational. We had a lot of activities, meetings with teachers, school staff and we found out about the law in the UK and also we learned about first aid. For me, one of the most amazing thing was visiting the University of Oxford, which is the best university in the UK!

Generally, Oxford is a perfect place for students because there are a lot of universities and colleges. EF Academy Oxford allows us to study in the library at Oxford Brookes University, which is such a good opportunity to feel like a real student at Oxford University!

After an organizational week, it was time for school. I remember very well that day because my first lesson was business, which actually was my first business class in my life. From the beginning, I liked this subject so much so I am happy because in the future I would like to study business at university.

All my lessons are also very interesting and teachers are supportive, and I really appreciate it because each of us is from a different country and sometimes it is good to hear words of support from an adult, especially during the exams.

After two weeks in Oxford, I can honestly say that I don’t want to study anywhere else. Everyone here is wonderful and we help each other a lot with difficulties. It is impossible to waste time here because even during the week we can attend activities such as football, debates or yoga so we spend our time very productively.

It is so good for people who want to develop their lives because we have super fine opportunities to try new things like dance, sports or music. I am so grateful to be here and I know that sometimes it is going to be quite hard but it is definitely worth it.