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EF Academy Oxford’s Visit to the Roman Baths

On Sunday September 30, students took up the opportunity to visit Bath, the beautiful historical Spa Town which is also home to some of the most well-preserved Roman Baths in the World making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once we had arrived in Bath we made our way to the Roman Baths, where we were given head sets to provide us each with a self-guided tour around the ruins and the interactive museum. This was a brilliant way to step back in time and provided the students with the perfect mix of audio, visual (in the form of artefacts and archaeological findings) and written information to keep them captivated throughout the tour and learn how the Romans settled in England and their advanced society.

This was a great experience, especially for all the History students and those interested in Classical Civilisation as we got to learn about how the Roman Empire brought their technology and way of life over to England as well as their social, political and religious beliefs.

After visiting the Roman Baths the students then had free time to explore the City and take in its beautiful historical buildings, its quintessential Georgian architecture and its famous Abbey and parks.

After a spot of shopping and afternoon tea it was time to head back to Oxford, the perfect end to a great day out.

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